Enjoy your life today because yesterday had gone and tomorrow may never come, so live life to the fullest.

A WOMAN'S DIARY - Enjoy your life today because yesterday had gone and tomorrow may never come, so live life to the fullest.

Ramadhan Buffet @ Miri Marriot Resort & Spa

How It Started
Nowadays, the role of social media platform has becomes a trend. The platform allow individual and organization to communicate with one another and build relationship online. And when the social media platform is used wisely, it gives the power to influence others in their social media circle hence the term of ‘social media influencer’. Okay, I’m not going to further elaborate on this as I started to sound ‘very academia’. What I’m trying to highlight here is that never underestimate the power of social media influencer and without realizing it, I actually fall into that group (ya motif sebenarnya tek, ngegeh alu!).


invitation..few days ago, I’ve received an invitation from Miri Marriot Resort & Spa (yerdehhh kenak jemput 5 star hotel you you) for a “berbuka puasa” event at its premise. For the record, Miri Marriot Resort & Spa is the first hotel in Miri (ever) to extend any invitation for a review. For the record, the blogger community in Miri is ‘under-utilized’ by Miri based organization as compared to other city in Malaysia (here, the organization still prefer to use the traditional way of marketing, public relations, promo, etc). For that, on behalf of Sarawak Bloggers especially Miri based bloggers, it is such an honor for the given opportunity and we look forward for more collaboration in the near future. Thank you for believing in us the (under dog) social media influencer community (molah drama sikit).

Giving Back
Each year, Miri Marriott embarks on various programs to give back to the community in need during the festive period. Breaking fast with clients is the resort’s way of showing its appreciation for their continued support and loyalty, especially in this season of thanksgiving and reflection.

Yesterday, Miri Marriott hosted a buka puasa feast for orphans and Muslim clients from various corporate and government bodies at the resort including the bloggers, as part of its efforts to give back to the community. A total of 35 orphans from Rumah Amal Anak Kesayangan Kami joined “berbuka puasa” at Zest Restaurant.  They were treated to an array of scrumptious delights (berlobo barang makan you you).



The Ramadhan Delights Buffet
I’m aware that during the month of fasting, you’ll be spoilt with variety choices of ramadhan spread. Why not considering to try out the ramadhan delights buffet spread offer at Zest Restaurant, Miri Marriot Resort & Spa (berbaloi kmk madah ktk ehh).

Desserts station (top pic). Zest Restaurant entrance (bottom pic)

Western salad & Local salad station

Varieties of sambal and salted egg. Truly Malaysian condiments. Loved all of it except the salted egg :p

Appetizer station. Kerabu midin (bottom left pic) and Umai (bottom right pic) are one of my favorite.

At Zest Restaurant, not only you’ll enjoy the sunset but you will also enjoy an array of traditional Malaysia cuisine like (just to name a few) umai, ayam percik and many more, specialty beverages along with variety of sweets and desserts which is prepared and led by the Executive Chef, Auli and his team. The scrumptious spread of Ramadhan delights is served throughout Ramadhan month from 6pm – 10pm with a 6 day menu rotation. However, some of the top hit Ramadhan menu such as Shawarma (nyaman gila benda tok), meat-fish from the grill station and rending dish will be retained on a daily basis.

Highly recommend its satay. Double thumbs up.

Among the variety of Malaysian dishes

Among the variety of desserts. Love the macaroon.

This is Sharwarna. Highly recommended and must try dish. One of my favorite.

Lamb Ose, another recommended and must try dish. One of my favorite dish.

Zest Restaurant Promotion
The ramadhan buffet is priced at RM88++ (adult) and half price for children aged 5-11 years old (worth it, I tell you).

Since this is the 1st week of ramadhan, there’s a special promotion going on. For every 20 paying diners, FREE for 5 diners. For the following weeks, every 12 paying diners, FREE for 2 diners. In partnership with CIMB Bank RM1 Dining Campaign with Zest Restaurant, the 4th diner only pays RM1 with minimum of 3 paying diners in a single receipt.

Special Ramadhan Contest
In conjunction of the fasting month, Zest Restaurant’s diners are encouraged to participate in their Instagram “Snap2Win” contest (kedung urang nektok gila berselpi). Transform your dinner into an experience and share it with your friends’ through Instagram. Photo with the most LIKES will win away FREE stay at Marriott hotels. The contest period is from June 6th – July 5th. You may submit as many entries as you want.

If you haven’t got any Instagram profile yet, time to sign up for one now. Follow Miri Marriot Resort & Spa’s official instagram profile “@Miri_Marriott” and don’t forget to tag them with its official hashtag #lagisyiokatzest. Easy peasy people. 🙂

The Last Bit Of Everything (sengaja bah, just to get your attention)
Great deal and bargain to go in a group, don’t you think? So, what are you waiting for? To make a reservation or to enquire for more information (if you think I lied), call Zest Restaurant at 085-421 121 NOW or email them at Juhh, ramei- ramei kita bersungkei kat Zest.

Last but not least, again, a big thank you to Miri Marriot Resort & Spa for having us the bloggers for the berbuka puasa event especially to Mr. Marc Cosyns (GM), Ms. Chu (Assist. MarCom Manager) and Zest Restaurant staff.

I’ll be back. 😉

Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Sarawak, Zon Miri

Although I have an assignment due just round the corner and final exam coming soon, the urge to give back to the community was so strong. So over the weekend, as I was compelled to contribute my part, I’ve participated in a community project organized by the university. Prior to that, I got to know a brief history of the organization.

Formerly known as ‘Rumah Harapan’ (House of Hope) back in the 90s, it was located at one of SHELL quarters in Lutong; to be exact it was used to be next to a catholic church facing opposite Lutong mosque before the church moved to a new location which it is known today as The Mater Dei Church. Due to whatever reason, Rumah Harapan was moved to Krokop and operates at a building loaned by the Miri Lions Club. As time passed by, Rumah Harapan then known as ‘Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Sarawak, Zon Miri’ was asked to move from Miri Lions Club’s premise. The association was in dire strait for a new premise and lucky enough, their cries were heard by the State Welfare Department. They were given a premise to occupy in year 2015 and it was based at Piasau Camp. As the premise was actually previous quarters of SHELL expat staff in Piasau Camp and has been abandoned for quite number of years, the premise was in a bad shape. In short, it wasn’t save to live in hence the cries for help again to the public.

Do you know there’s a beach near POCS Miri? Check it out people ;)

Remo, POCS Miri delivering his welcoming speech

For the record, Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Sarawak (POCS) or the Sarawak Society of the Disabled is a self-help organization which is set up by disabled person, for the physically disabled and is also managed by the disabled person themselves. During the community work held at the association premise at Piasau Camp, I met my long lost ex-colleague, Remo whom happened to be the Chairman of POCS Miri. Remo himself is physically disabled person and by profession, he’s a computer technician. We used to be colleague in the ICT field.

With colleagues from various department and few student volunteered for the community work, we managed to clean and wash the floors, collected and threw broken glasses, demolished termite eaten wooden cabinets, grass cutting, installed new water pipes and fixed all faulty sinks, bathtubs and toilets in the premise. Although it was a tiring work that took us almost a day to do the cleaning and disposal of broken/unwanted items yet it felt like you’ve done something positive. It felt great! The premise is now clean but with no windows and ceilings. Still need lotsa repairing work though.

POCS Miri surely need some form of assistance. To those who are reading this post, appreciate it very much if you could lend some support to POCS, Miri zone. You can get more information from Remo, POCS Miri Chairman at 019-851 2161 or you may email them at

Give back, expect nothing in return. Thank you for reading this and God will bless your good deeds.

Mandara Spa 20th Anniversary

Do you find yourself stress out at times that it affected your physical being?
Shoulder pain? Back pain? Sore muscles?

You are indeed in need of relaxation and what better way to overcome this with a good body massage. And the suggested place is none other than The Mandara Spa located at Miri Marriot Resort & Spa.

Photo credits to Mandara Spa-Miri Marriot Resort & Spa

In conjunction of Mandara Spa 20th anniversary, the spa had launched a promotion on its Balinese massage therapy. Part of the proceed goes to The Bali Children’s Project, an organization that is dedicated to help the children of Bali in their education to escape from poverty.

Not only you’ll get a world class treatment by spend only 1 hour and 20 minutes for a traditional Balinese therapy treatment that heals the body, mind and spiritually, at the same time you’re doing charity for The Bali Children’s Project.  God bless your good deeds.

So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment or drop by at Mandara Spa today. Below are the spa details;

Mandara Spa – Miri Marriot Resort & Spa,
Lot 779, Jln. Temenggong Datuk Oyong Lawai,
98000, Miri, Sarawak

Tel : 6085 421 121 ext 7555
Email :
Operation Hours : 10:00-21:00

Angeline Yong, Mandara Spa Manager (Photo credits to Judith)


Friendly staff of Mandara Spa-Miri Marriot Resort & Spa (Photo credits to Judith)

Borneo Jazz Festival 2016 : Press Conference, Outreach Program & Performances

As usual, on the day of the jazz performances, there will be a press conference held for the media. In the press conference, the media will get to know the line-up performer for that day, the performer group history and background, at the same time, the session also offers a platform for the media to conduct a one to one interview session whenever required.

Day 1 Press Conference (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Day 2 Press Conference (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

This year, something new was introduced; a form of an outreach programme. Borneo Jazz featured a keyboard/piano workshop on ‘Jazz and Pop patterns for the Keyboard’ which was intended to target young budding, talented local musicians. In the workshop, the local musical enthusiasts are given free tutelage to learn the art of jazz playing. The workshop was conducted by Associate Professor Razif Mohd, a graduate of the Conservertoire de Region de Rueil-Malmaison and Centre d’Information Musicale de Paris, France who is also currently lecturing at the School of Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The Professor is also the founder of USM jazz band.

Assoc. Prof. Razif Mohd (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

To kick start the jazz festival, Borneo Jazz featured a slot for the youth to showcase their talent. This year, Borneo Jazz gets Chung Hua Miri Brass Band and USM Mini Big Band to perform. The Chung Hua Miri Marching Band is one of Malaysia top musical groups. The uniqueness of this group is their artistic drill designs, choreographer and upbeat concert orchestra, showcasing a musical repertoire of jazzy latin American music, Italian and Spanish numbers, Malaysian tunes and classic Chinese melodies too.

USM Mini Big Band (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

USM Mini Big Band is a smaller group formed from USM Jazz Band. Founded in 1998, USM Jazz Band was formed by Assoc. Prof. Razif Mohd. The band has performed for various events and participated in various international and university level competitions. Having them to perform in the 11th edition of Borneo Jazz made them as the first university band ever.

O Sister! (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Day 1 – Performer Line up
O Sister! (Spain)
Although the group is from Spain, their music is a tribute to the North American popular music from the 1920s and 30s; golden ages of ‘Dixie’ and ‘Swing’. Inspired by the Boswell Sisters, where their music approach uses harmony, rhythm and vocal resources had encouraged singer Paula Padilla to start the project in 2007 hence the O Sister!.

A.P.I (Malaysia & India)
The group is a culmination of musical journey of Asia bass player, Andy Peterson. His project showcases the versatility of the bass guitar. Together with highly skilled musicians from India, the unique collaboration was fantastic!

Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

Yuichiro Tokuda’s Ralyzzdig (Japan)
This year, it is more like a homecoming year for Yuichiro Tokuda as this is his 2nd time performing in Borneo Jazz Festival. Every year, the multi jazz award recipient performs at Japan’s most prestigious jazz festival ‘Yokohama Jazz Promenade’ and he’s well known in his area of speciality: progressive jazz.

Manou Gallo Groove Orchestra (Ivory Coast & Belgium)
Manou Gallo is a renowned bassist, guitarist, percussionist, singer and songwriter who mixes her African roots and European upbringing with blues, funk and contemporary soul music. She’s now formed her own accompanying brass band (Manou Gallo Groove Orchestra) with musicians from over the world.

Raw Earth (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Day 2 – Performer Line up
Raw Earth (Singapore)
This group delivered an old school flavour, a vibrant on stage improvisation and interaction made the entire show interesting for the crowd. Raw Earth is a blues, rock & soul band made up of Singapore’s most prominent musicians such Danny Loong, Francis Chan (both are from the critically acclaimed Ublues), Victor Chen (winner of Strip Acoustic, Wala Wala), Surath Godfrey & Hanrong (Rock outfit Reverie) combined forces that night.

Funkatorie (Malaysia)
This band is made up of a group of highly regarded musicians, led by hin Ee Jeng (founder), Miri born Dean Sim (guitarist), Derrick Siow (drummer), Yow Weng Wai (saxophonist) and Eddie Wen (trumpet). The group became well known soul-funk-jazz based in Kuala Lumpur.

One of Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion member (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Klazz Brothers  & Cuba Percussion (Germany & Cuba)
Known as ‘master of classical crossover’ because of their multiple award winning program : Classic  meets Cuba, the group breathe new life with revived classics such as compositions by Bach & Mozart with a distinct Cuban sound. Their music can be heard in Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Collateral’ with Tom Cruise or ‘Hitch’ starring Will Smith.

The Rad Trads (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)


The Rad Trads (USA)
Based in New York, the band has gained a reputation as one of New York’s most entertaining live acts with their music ranging from early jazz to New Orleans brass band, R&B, Chicago and delta blues along with rock and roll. They surely win over the crowd with their relentless energy and enthusiasm.

Can you spot the performers among the crowd? (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

The grand finale (Photo credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Next year, Borneo Jazz Festival will fall on May 12-13, 2017. Same venue, same time but with more exciting and interesting line up of performers. 😉