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2017 Borneo Jazz Festival : A Glimpse Behind My Coverage

The Drama
Excerpted from Sarawak Bloggers official website,

Sarawak Bloggers Society (Reg. no: PPM-013-13-04092012) is a registered social media association with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (ROS) since 2012. It has active members Sarawak-wide, with dedicated representation in both Kuching, Samarahan and Miri.

In Miri, I’ve been the focal person for Sarawak Bloggers with Sarawak Tourism Board (STB). Been doing the coordinating, facilitating, briefing, whatever shit for the last seven years and I think I’ll be still doing it for as long as it takes. Unless I step down from my current position in Sarawak Bloggers. ;p

I’ll scrutinize their resume (blog dak nya la maksud aku tok. nei alah2 ngaku blogger tapi blog post baru sigik duak kakya meroyan sik tentu pasal. blogger sengapak!), identifying their level of writing skills, their level of expressiveness and their activeness in blogging before making the decision to include them in the team. From there, I would initiate for a mini gathering just to get to know the bloggers in person. Here, I offer them an information sharing platform where the senior bloggers (those ever covered the event before) would guide the junior blogger (1st timer), the do’s and the dont’s in covering the event. At the same time, I get to see their personality and their level of commitment too. All in the name of establishing good bonding among the bloggers and producing quality writings. Quality over quantity yo!

The Sarawak Bloggers 2017 Team (Pic credits to Alyssa)

However, not everyone are on my boat hence the wind of negativity spreads. I’m the kind of person that really appreciate constructive feedback but it does get into my nerve at time when baseless negative feedback are thrown at me. I was seen as bias! (aiieee kan meroyan dah aku)

*flip hair*

Media Briefing & Press Conferences
It is like an annual ritual for the media group. This is a platform that provides information updates, wrist tag collection, meal coupon collection, program schedule updates, press conferences, photos updates and interview sessions with the jazz performers. STB was kind enough to provide such facilities to the media for their conveniences to produce latest news for their media outlets . The media centre is equipped with high speed internet connection of computers and we the bloggers would sometime do our blog updates here or get our gadgets charging prior to any of the ground coverage.

Up, close and personal with the performers during press conference (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Alyssa & Judith gets to take we-fie with Laila Baili (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

This is also where you get to meet and build new network with some International printed media, local printed media, Miri based printed media, bloggers and social media influencers (vlogger, instagrammer, youtuber, mc hammer-naaaa just kidding, coz it rhyme bah!). They’re just like colonies of bees swarming on flowers (aiieee meroyan agik aku!).

Work Hard, Play Hard
My rule of thumb in covering an event is to embrace and enjoy the moment to the fullest BUT you must also DELIVER with quality by the end of the day. Usually, we would start to hype the event few days prior to the actual date based on provided information by STB. During the festival, I/we would disseminate live updates via Twitter, images on Instagram, information sharing or blog updates on Sarawak Bloggers official FaceBook page or on respective blogger’s FaceBook page. Blog post usually updated few days after the end of the jazz festival. When I first started back then, I usually updates my blog post on a daily basis. Nowadays, I’ve tone it down by updating my blog after the event ends instead. (biyol palak mikir apa mok ditulis ehh. bukan nya ikot ati suk ko ajak.)

It’s a tiring job fyi and Judith akhirnya kecundang ;p
Coffee session with Borneo Jazz Festival Master of Ceremony, Jezza and David Hogan Jr, Multiple Award Winning Travel Blog Owner (
David Hogan Jr in action. He shared useful social media tips with us. Priceless experience.
While others busy cleaning the beach, we had fun by scribbling on the sand (Pic credits to Alyssa)
Freebies in the media kit #perk

People/Client have high expectation on any engagement therefore you have to step up your game and deliver it in a timely manner. That same principle apply to the bloggers that I get to team up (kau ingat kedak beli sayur setompok kat tamu? Cali juak kau! – Mirian standard of local Malay dialect).

My Take
As a blogger, I love what I’m doing. For now, blogging is for leisure (with commitment and being consistent) but gradually I know for sure, it will lead me to another stage of the blogosphere. It is just a matter of time. I am learning along the way and still is. I’m also aware that along this journey, there are haters. In life, you can’t never please anyone (including my parent) so I’m taking things one at a time wisely. As long as I’m on the right track, I know I’ll be fine.

This year, I get to work with Alyssa and Judith. Do drop by at their blogs for their side of story on the recent Borneo Jazz Festival.

Thank you for your time reading this. Thank you for the support (I know you’re reading this based on my statistic) and if you enjoy reading the post, do show/share me your love under the ‘Comment’ section (mejal aieee).

Have a nice day ahead people. 😉

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A Walk on 2017 Borneo Jazz Festival

Back in year 2006, originally the Borneo Jazz Festival was known as Miri International Jazz Festival until it was rebranded in year 2011. The jazz festival was first organized by Sarawak Tourism Board in line with the idea of creating a signature event for Miri. The mission was to promote the city as a resort city. Ever since then, it has become a well-known addition to Sarawak’s countless festival. Borneo Jazz Festival is the one and only major jazz festival in Sarawak. It is a niche event and appeals to the group of expatriates working in Miri and neighboring country-Brunei Darussalam. ParkCity Everly Hotel, Miri has been the jazz festival official accommodation hence the beach arena venue.

Pic credits to Judith

Fun Fact
This is my 7th year covering Borneo Jazz Festival under the wing of Sarawak Bloggers. Prior to this, jazz to me was a genre of music meant for the socialite (what was I thinking back then?!). But throughout the years, as I get exposed to the diversity of jazz genre, I’ve learned, I’ve grew. Jazz does not associated with saxophone or cello only. It’s beyond your imagination. The sky is the limit! Nowadays, I appreciate and love the jazz festival and proud to have it just behind my backyard.

the media tag & press pit pass

‘Tak kenal maka tak cinta‘ kuk laut. 😉

Jazz Performer Selection
The jazz festival is a two night program consist of jazz performers from around the world at nightly shows on an outdoor stage by the sea. Every year, Jun Lin (Artistic Director) meticulously select the jazz performer hence super amazing line up of performances from various genre of jazz. That just shows you are to expect different jazz genre each year and it has never been a disappointment. It is absolutely beautiful!

The video below gave you an insight of the Borneo Jazz Festival and the jazz performers selection. The recent interview was conducted by Gerard of BERNAMA with Jun Lin, Artistic Director for Borneo Jazz Festival.

The Youth Program
Towards the evening, a youth program slot allocated for marching/brass bands from local schools prior to the main jazz concert at night. They are invited to showcase their skills at the same time exposing them to an international event. During the first year of the youth program started, only one local school was invited. The following years, two local schools were invited and this year, 2017 Borneo Jazz Festival showcase four group of young talented musician (Chung Hua Miri Brass Band, Riam Road Secondary School Bruin Brass Marching Band, Miri Orchestra & Choir Society and Zulhaili Zuhairi Quartet of Aswara College).

Riam Road Secondary Sch Bruin Brass Marching Band (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Miri Orchestra & Music Society (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Chung Hua Miri School Brass Band
Half Sarawakian & Sabahan – Zulhaili Zuhairi of Aswara Collge (Pic credits to Judith)

The youth group are given the honor to kick start the jazz festival for an hour; 2 group per day. It is one of Sarawak Tourism Board’s initiative to engage and unleash the talent among the youth.

Corporate Social Responsibility
As the jazz festival grew over the years, Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) were implemented as part of environmental awareness. The CSR activity always held a day prior to the jazz festival along with the group of performers and the media group. Tree planting campaign was introduced during its rebranding year in 2011 and this year, beach cleaning campaign was introduced. It was held at Luak Esplanade Beach, located approximately 10km from the city. The beach is one of Miri popular spot for among the local and tourist.

Miri Deputy Mayor & Angelina Bateman of STB (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Groupie Time! (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Sarawak Bloggers team spotted! (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Together we keep the hot spot beach clean and it is also one of the best spot in Miri to enjoy spectacular sunsets.

The Outreach Program
The outreach program was first introduced in 2016 and it was made open to the public. The program provides a platform to any aspiring musician out there to learn from the professional at the same time it also offers a training ground for local musician. Due to the success of last year on the keyboard session, this year there were four workshop sessions conducted (2 workshop session per day); Contemporary Keyboard Styles by James Boyle of Aswara College, Drumkit & Percussion Tutorial by Nils Fisher and Armando Vidal of CobaCuba Jazz, Michael Veerapen on The Art of Improvising At The Keyboards and last but not least Michael Simon and Terry Hsieh of Michael Simon’s Asian Connection on Brass Instruments-Good Tone Production & Technique.

James Boyle of Aswara College (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Nils Fisher of CobaCuba Jazz (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Michael Veerapan (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Michael Simon & Terry Hsieh session (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

The outreach program is truly a giving back to the community kind of platform.

Borneo Jazz Networking Session
Introduced for the first time where it’s a platform for Q & A session to exchange opinions on being a jazz professional in the new music business landscape. The session was moderated by Patrick Lee-Thorp. The session highlighted on ‘Jazz & Money – Do They Mix?’. Very interesting session where you’ll get to hear opinions from the aesthetic view of musician and the commercial value of the music industry.

Patrick Lee-Thorp & Jun Lin, Artistic Director (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

2017 Borneo Jazz Festival Performer Lineup
Day 1
Fluorescent Collective (Italy, Malaysia, USA, India)
The group consist graduates of Berklee College of Music, founded by Boston based Malaysian pianist, Jenn Hwan and joined by Sarawak born award winning violinist, Nisa Addina. They played mix of genre from rock to R&B, pop to blues with catchy grooves to make their own repertoire. Aspiring younger generation of musician.

Sarawak born award winning violinist, Nisa Addina (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
JennHwan Wong, Fluoroscent Collective ‘s Founder (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

Tumpang bangga bah nanga urang kita. Kitak tek sik?

The Cape Jazz Band (South Africa)
A full brass band group with special focus on brass and percussion instruments played fast paced street carnival styled repertoire that brings us back to the days of post-apartheid of South Africa. In their album of “Musical Democracy”, Cape Jazz is all about freedom of expression through times of oppression.

The Cape Jazz Band (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Delgres (Guadaloupe, France)
The trio are from Guadeloupe and France. The band played mixed Guageloupian beats and tunes with old Louisiana Blues. This group by far, the crowd favorite. Including me. I’ve no word to describe how fascinated I was by their music. The beats ohhhh..definitely an eargasm!

Delgres, The Trio (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board
Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

Cabocuba Jazz (The Netherlands)
A group of eight musician hails from Venezuela, Cape Verde, Colombia, Spain, Puerto Rica and Cuba but based in the Netherlands. Led by Dina Media “Best Female Singer of Cape Verde” in 2012. The band played fast paced mash of Cuban and Cape Verde melodies and dance rhythms. The band also made their public preview at BarThyme and Ming Café few days prior to the concert.

CobaCuba Jazz (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Dino Media (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Day 2
Michael Simon’s Asian Connection (Malaysia, Taiwan, The Netherlands)
Energetic performances with exciting latin rhythms that creatively presented with Asian influences. To see a Pipa instrument played along with the common played jazz musical instrument such as trumpet, piano, saxophone and drums is just awesome!

Michael Simon (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
The Pipa Player (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Michael Simon’s Asian Connection (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Laila Baili (Canada)
This award winning pianist is also a composer and she sing too. Apparently, the drummer of her band was her husband. I didn’t manage to watch her entire performance as I went back to the room for shower. The minute I came out from bathroom, I heard she played ColdPlay’s Yellow in her own music composition and I go “whatttttttttttttttttttttt..”. I was flabbergasted and had goosebumps all over my body. Come on who does that?! Apparently, Laila Baili does though. Love10X!

Laila Baili (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)

Idang Rasjidi Syndicate (Indonesia)
From a humble start, the Indonesian jazz icon started as a bassist player then self-taught on the piano which eventually making a name for himself as a well-known Indonesia pianist. He promotes messages of unity in diversity with different type of rhythms, melodies and instrument that can blend together. He is also actively conducting jazz clinics at interior areas of Indonesia to reach out to the youth. I guess that explained two of his son are in his band (the drummer and the six string bass guitar player, I forgotten their names, maaf Bapak Idang!)

Idang Rasjidi (Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board)
Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

Osaka Monaurail (Japan)
This group performed their own brand of James Brown-esque funk. They were so funky that even the drizzling rain and windy night doesn’t deter the crowd from stopping dancing in front of the stage. The band interaction with the audience was fantastic too! It was full of energy kind of atmosphere. Love it to bits!

Pic credits to Judith

Being officially covering Borneo Jazz Festival for the last 7 years (not to mentioned when the festival was still known as Miri International Jazz Festival, I wasn’t into blogging back then, I was one of those party goer. What the hell was I thinking back then?!), I’ve seen how it grew tremendously. This would not made possible with the initiative, creativity and the hard work of the Artistic Director, Sarawak Tourism Board team, the State government, ParkCity Everly Hotel, Miri City Council, the jazz festival sponsors, volunteers and not forgetting the regular and new jazz festival goers.

Thank you to the team that has taken good care of us. Love y’all!

Let us together make this unique jazz festival stays for good (untung rugi ya belakang kira, boleh sik?).

On behalf of the Sarawak Bloggers team (Miri based bloggers), we truly enjoyed our time and appreciate all the extended assistance and information sharing during the media briefing, press conferences, the workshops as well as the meals. We can’t thank you much and we apologize for any short coming on our side. As Mirian, we hope to see the Borneo Jazz Festival continue to grow and one day, the jazz festival is able to unleash the hidden local talent to step forward into the jazz arena.

Pic credits to Alyssa

Stay tuned for my final post of Borneo Jazz Festival 2017 – Behind The Scence : A Glimpse Of What I Do 😉

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To be good at something, it needs lotsa practice and the skills would then develop along the learning experience. Last Thursday, I had a great time and it was a priceless experience at Pullman Hotel. I get a hand on experience on learning 2 dishes that requires years of experience to prepare from Pullman Hotel renowned chef- Chef Desmond Chia. I was invited to join the masterclass session along with 4 other bloggers of Sarawak Bloggers and some local reporters. We were specially invited by Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel. A masterclass demonstration on its Shanghai Xiao Loong Bao and Hand Pulled Noodles was held and the best part is the masterclass recipe is shared with the media group.

the e-invitation card

In other word, I can now do my own version of xiao loong bao and hand pulled noodles at home. 😉

Who is Chef Desmond Chia
Hail from Negeri Sembilan, this young chef started his culinary experience since he was 19 years old. With over 13 years of experience as a Chinese and Dim Sum Chef, currently based at Pullman Hotel Kuching, he was specially flown to Miri to share his expertise. Prior to joining Pullman Hotel, Chef Desmond worked at renowned hotels in Malaysia such as Zenith Hotel Kuantan, Genting Resort World Berhad, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and also at Australia. According to Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel, Executive Chef Brian Chong, as part to popularise Chinese cuisine to Mirian, it is decided to hold a masterclass where it allow the public to learn the art of making xiao loong bao and hand pulled noodles.

The Masterclass Demonstration
We were given a chef hat and an apron prior to the masterclass demonstration. Being a typical blogger, everyone was into their gadget to ensure they look good. During the demonstration, Chef Desmond explained and answered any questions asked by us while preparing the ingredients for both dishes. The best part is when everyone gets their apron literally dirty with flour by rolling the xiao bao and hand pulled noodle dough on the kitchen top.

Sarawak Bloggers team (pic credits to Elena)
yours truly hands on experience, closely guided by the Chef (pic credits to Elena)
tadaaaa! not bad for a beginner. *self pat on the back*



I had a wonderful time learning the process of making xiao loong bao and the hand pulled noodles. I definitely will polish my skills by making it more often at home.

the evidence that you’ve been there and done it! 😉

To those who are based in Miri and keen to learn The Shanghai Xiao Loong Bao and Hand Pulled Noodles, you may sign up for its class and with a reasonable price at RM88 nett per pax. To foodies out there, the xiao long bao and hand pulled noodles along with dim sum dishes will be made available on May 1st from 12noon to 2.30pm on the weekdays (suitable for lunch). During the weekends, the hand pulled noodles or ‘la mien’ is free when you get eight baskets of dimsum.

For more detail or reservations, you may contact Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel at 085-323888.

The Sarawak Bloggers team with Joe of Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel. Thank you for the opportunity. (pic credits to Elena)
LadyBird Project


The invitation

First and foremost, a big thank you to Ms. Chu, Assistant MarCom Manager of Miri Marriot Resort and Spa Hotel for extending the invitation to Sarawak Bloggers to cover its array of mouth-watering and lavish food in conjunction of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. YB Datuk Lee and YB Datuk Sebastian Ting were invited as the function guest of honors along with group of local media representative. The function was made as private function and exclusively for us the media. 😉

The guest of honor tossing the Yee Sang along with Miri Marriot GM and personnel

In the private function, Miri Marriot Resort & Spa Hotel took the opportunity to introduce its Executive Sous Chef, Chef Khoo Seng Keong. With more than 30 years of culinary experiences at hotels across Asia, he recently joined the Marriot family. In his new role, he is responsible for the hotel’s culinary management and operation as well as its food safety management system.Upon my arrival at Zest Restaurant, variety of fruit juices along with Outback Jack red and white wines were being served as the welcoming drinks. While waiting for the arrival of guest of honour, we the bloggers get to meet and fed with educative information one of the highlight dish – Yee Sang from Chef Khoo. He believes in using the freshest ingredients and the right cooking techniques will retain the food flavours, scents and textures. He and the team are adept at preparing exclusive personalised cuisine according the taste of the diner preferences.

Chef Khoo
Welcoming Drink

In the exclusive function, we were being served with Miri Marriot’s Chinese New Year package that consists of 8 (auspicious figure) types of Chinese delicacies. The food journey begins with mixing and tossing the Yee Sang that symbolises abundance, vigor and prosperity. The Yee Sang was being served was with salmon accompanied by 10 types of condiments. Overall, with the mixed taste of sweet, sour and crunchiness of the 10 types of condiments in the yee sang, opened up your palette for the next dish.
My take : Perfect appetizer but without the salmon. I don’t eat salmon (can’t stand the high contain of omega oil, I presume) so for replacement, I would prefer for slightly grilled tuna instead.

Yee Sang with Salmon

Second dish was Chicken Consommé with Dry Scallop and Waterchesnut. The fancy name was actually a clear soup dish with a floating whitish kind of sponge (Chicken Consommé) in a bowl. The chicken consommé taste like steamed mincemeat with egg; soft texture and I automatically tend to chew it slowly. In the process, I can taste the scallop and the crunchiness of the waterchesnut. The soup helps to clear your throat from the sweet and sour taste of the Yee Sang.
My take : It was deeeeeeliishhhh! I love it to bits. It was a warm comfort soup.

Chicken Consommé with Dry Scallop and Waterchesnut

Braised Chicken with Supreme Chinese Herbs & Korean Ginseng was the 3rd dish served. For someone who doesn’t practise taking Chinese herbs and ginseng for supplement like majority of the Chinese community does, the highly medicinal dish was aaaaaaamazingly tasty instead of disgusting. The chicken meat was really tender; the herbs and ginseng flavour was well absorbed in the meat of which it doesn’t overpowering the flavour of the chicken at allll.
My take : Super delicious. Life changing moment! I’m going to start to add in Chinese herbs in my cooking.

Braised Chicken with Supreme Chinese Herbs & Korean Ginseng

The 4th dish served was Two Flavor Prawn Dish Combination. The name says it all; fresh and juicy prawn dishes that comes with 2 different flavour-butter prawns and a kind of sweet savoury flavour (forgot to ask the Chef).
My take : Nothing fancy, I’ve tasted better prawn dish served at local restaurants. However, if river prawn is being served, it’s a game changer.

Two Flavor Prawn Dish Combination

Next dish was Steamed Chinese Promfret ‘Teo Chew’ Style. The promfret fish was fresh and as it was cooked the ‘teo chew’ style, I was expecting the sourly taste in the fish gravy but it wasn’t there. It has a very mild sour taste but overall it was a good fish dish.
My take : I prefer to have slightly more of sour plum or tamarind juice in the dish. And instead of using promfret, perhaps grouper fish might be a better choice of fish to be added in the menu. Baru lah ada class you you.

Steamed Chinese Promfret ‘Teo Chew’ Style

The most awaited dish was the 6th dish; Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables with Cashew Nuts. I must have vege in my meal especially during dinner. The assorted vege were asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and it were placed on top of crispy fried noodle along with cashew nuts as toppings. The flat sliced yet crunchy fried noodle were nicely arranged on the plate for the ease of the diner; one can just scoop the sliced fried noodle and whatever veges on top of it would slide through as well: beautiful and creative presentation.
My take : The veges were crunchy and it was tasty. Love it! However, if fried cashier nut with garlic were to be the topping, the dish would be a life changing.

Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables with Cashew Nuts

The 7th dish was Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf. The rice absorbed the mushroom, ginger along with some Chinese herbs wrapped in the lotus leaf. The rice texture was abit soggy probably it was wrapped too long in the lotus leaf but overall it taste just nice. Perfect combo eaten with the stir fried assorted vege dish.
My take : Prefer to have Bario rice or good quality of local glutinous rice instead of just normal rice, the dish would be yummy and classy. To reach super yummy stage, pork lard would make a big different in this dish. Just saying. I’m aware of halal issues here (ngiaw chi po here).

Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf

For dessert, Chilled Sweetened Avocado & Mango Cream accompanied with Pomelo was served. The sweetness from the sweetened avocado and the tanginess of the mild sourness from the mango cream acts like the yin and ying of the dessert. With a teaspoon full portion of pomelo in the middle of the two creams, it just popped like firecrackers in your mouth the moment you get to chew it. The two fruit creams are good to have on its own or mixed both of it together.
My take : Overall, it was just nice fusion type of dessert. However, I felt the avocado was lack of avocado creaminess (I love avocado) and wish to have at least a tablespoon full of pomelo as the pomelo really compliment both of the creams when taken on its own. As the entire food package was Chinese cuisine, perhaps it will be great if a Chinese dessert been introduced instead such as ‘taufu hua’, ‘liew wei tang’ or ‘tang yuan’. Of course serve it with a twist that reflects the Chef’s creativity.

Chilled Sweetened Avocado & Mango Cream accompanied with Pomelo

For the record, I wasn’t involved in neither of the food preparation nor is the food costing therefore the food review above merely based on my sincere opinion, preferences and high expectation from Miri Marriot as a foodie. Every foodie do have their own feedback too, right? :p

If by any chance, you’re intrigue to give the Chinese food cuisine a try for the upcoming Chinese New Year reunion gathering, the food cuisine is already open for booking. The Chinese New Year Food package cost RM1,188++ per table. It will save your time to prepare the reunion dishes in ushering the Rooster year, I guarantee. 😉
Miri Marriot also offers Prosperity & Fortune Buffer dinner on January 27th & 28th, Chap Goh Mei Buffet Dinner on February 10th & 11th at RM105 nett per person. For more information or to make a reservation, please call Miri Marriot at 6085-421121. 😉

LadyBird Project

Laugh With Harith Iskander

Malaysia’s GodFather of Stand Up Comedy

Recently named as ‘Asia’s Best Stand-Up Comedian’ by Top 10 of Asia Award, the ‘Godfather of Stand-up Comedy in Malaysia’ Harith Iskander will be performing at Curtin University, Sarawak Campus on 23 October 2016 from 6pm to 11pm. The best part is, the show is open to the public.

Harith, who is a proud alumnus of Curtin University, has performed live at hundreds of shows and entertained thousands of people with his unique and original performances since 1991. His comedy performances are in great demand and any company function is never complete without Harith inevitably bringing the house down. The Curtin film and television graduate (looks like we studied the same stream woohooo! FTV ftw! 😉 ) has never shied away from unfamiliar terrain. For years, he was literally Malaysia’s only stand-up comedian, with people often mistaking him for the emcee at events or complimenting him on his amusing ‘talk shows’.

Thank you to the International Students Association and Student Council for extending the invitation to Sarawak Bloggers to cover the event under the ‘Media’ pass. I’m glad and proud to be part of it as a Curtin student and also as a blogger as it will give me the advantage of getting close and personal with the funny man himself.

Organised by the and student Council, and supported by the management of the university, the ‘Laugh with Harith Iskander’ show, Harith will be performing with fellow comedians Kavin Jay, Mukazir Xynll, and Sulaiman Azmil. So, do come in a group for we have bunch of funny men who will bright our day with laughter. After all, laughter is the best medicine. 🙂

The Grumpy Macha
The Penglipur Lawyer
The One With The Hair

Tickets to the upcoming show at Curtin Sarawak are priced at RM40 for students, RM80 for adults, and RM120 for VIP seats. Ticketing details can be obtained from

I can’t wait and I hope same goes to you especially to Mirians. Watch out for Sarawak Bloggers blast via the social media platform as we will be give you the shout out from time to time on the event. 😉

LadyBird Project

Star Trek Beyond

Any Star Trek fan out there?
Here’s your chance to win a trip to the 50th anniversary of Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, USA.
And how the hell are you going to do that? Here’s how..

TGV Cinemas, one of Malaysia leading exhibitors and multiplex cinema operators, is offering ONE lucky MovieClub member once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the official 50th Anniversary of Star Trek Convention which will be held in Las Vegas, USA from 3-7 August 2016. To embark on this exciting “away mission”, moviegoers must be a TGV Cinemas Movie Club member, purchase advanced tickets of the “Star Trek Beyond” movie between 14th -20th July 2016, submit their entry through the website: and answer only one simple question.

The followings are the “exclusive Starfleet access” enjoyed by the winner throughout the five days:
• Complimentary return flight and accommodation for 6 nights 7 days in Las Vegas.
• A reserved seat in Main Theatre, a state-of-the-art auditorium with a fixed theatrical stage, which is the venue for major guest appearances.
• Admission into the Secondary Program Theatre, to explore the science & wonder of Star Trek.
• Special color-coded wristbands and collector’s lanyard for use throughout the convention.
• Complimentary Star Trek collectors’ lanyard credentials
• Admission to the vendor’s room to purchase exclusive Star Trek limited edition collectables & souvenirs, only available at the venue.
• Complimentary admission to the famed Saturday Night Gala Celebration, where the highlight is an orchestra performing classic & memorable music & tunes from Star Trek
• Admission to “The Promenade” and “Quark’s Bar” with complimentary craft giveaways.
• Admission to “Star Trek” signer’s area with many famed celebrities in attendance.

Celeste Koay, Head of Marketing Services of TGV Cinemas said “The convention is the ultimate destination for every Star Trek fan. It is their chance to meet more than 100 Star Trek guest celebrities, ranging from the classic original series right up to the current ones in the rebooted Star Trek films. They also stand a chance to explore everything about Star Trek’s set designs, enjoy exclusive convention only freebies, get autographs from their favorite celebrities and most importantly, joining the rest of the fans and have fun. We have learned that tickets for the convention has fully sold out! We are immensely happy to secure one ticket exclusively for our MovieClub member,”

“The trip is an opportunity for us to reward and create a memorable experience for our Movie Club members for their continuous support and choosing us as their most preferred cinema. The trip is just a few of the many surprises lined up for Movie Club members this year. So stay tuned to TGV Cinemas and sign-up to our TGV Cinemas Movie Club today if you’re not a member yet” added Koay.

This is exclusively for TGV Cinemas MovieClub Members and to sign up to TGV Cinemas Movie Club or find out more about the contests, please visit

What is TGV Cinemas MovieClub?
TGV Cinemas’ MovieClub members get 2 complimentary movie passes and 1 regular popcorn combo upon enrolment to the programme and on birthday month, earn MovieMoney for every single transaction within TGV Cinemas and use for movie tickets or candy bar. Members also get exclusive discounts and invitations to movie premieres and events.