11th Rainforest World Music Festival – The Finale

Despite of being exhausted standing (for almost a day in each shift – I think I can beat David Blaine record standing on the pole hehehe…), my adrenalin rush of anxiety, only 4 hours of sleeping beauty each day, I was still in a high spirit to perform and deliver my tasks at my best capability (saya yang menurut perintah bah). ;p
# part of the team member

Again on the 3rd day, I was assigned on night shift but this time my main role is to do patrol and flashing (lucky I didn’t turn out as a flasher) among the crowd. Imagine patrolling the whole area of SCV on a planned timing and at times, you have to ‘squeeze’ yourself among the thick crowd as when it’s approaching midnight; it is really a challenging and interesting experience too.

Not only you would end up having ‘body contact’ with the crowd patrolling but one also get to experience different human smells; some are good and some are really bad. I nearly fainted and vomited going through a ‘pack’ of shirtless ‘ah beng’ due to their strong arm pit odor. Believe me I would rather wear a scented face mask the next time round if I were to involved in this patrolling task in the future. ;p

# can you spot Darren among the crowd? ;p

I’ve also encountered and heard the public and organizers whispered among themselves (which can be heard as you passed by) upon seeing us patrolling and says ‘Here comes the wrist band security, ready to flash your wrist band’. It sounds funny but that is part of our job and that also explains why we were patrolling – to catch those who think they can go for free joyride during RWMF. There are few among thousand of crowd caught on this matter and they are asked to leave the site in a professional manner.

# my 3rd day wrist band

So again, if you wish to attend the next RWMF, do start to save from today to avoid any unforeseen circumstances especially on the ticket. And if you find the ticket is too pricey then don’t waste your time on complaining about it because if you are really a RWMF’s fan, the cost of the ticket is not an issue at all here as for a true fans of RWMF what matter the most here is what the musicians have to offer to you! 🙂

A usual, the night shift team reached SCV 2 hours before our shift started. This will allow some of us to go for our dinner which is served at SCV and also gave us time to mind our own business like what I liked to do most – taking pictures.

# with 11th RWMF’s Chairman-Mr. Benedict Jimbau & SCV’s GM-Ms Jane Lian Labang

# with IngHui, Darren & Irene

I was on my way in to SCV’s main entrance when I bumped into Kenny Sia and Su Ann aka PinkPau. They were on their way to refreshing themselves at the beach and stopped by me just for photo taking. ;p

I received a call from Katherine and asked me to join her patrolling at Rumah Bidayuh. Little that I know I bumped into Tony Eusoff; a popular Malaysia actor, a part time model, an architect (before he quit and involved seriously in acting) and most of all, he hails from Sarawak (he’s a Bidayuh not an Eurasian as what many claimed due to his ‘mixed’ look). We had a casual conversation for about half an hour and find him as a humble person (most of Sarawakian is though) and very passionate in what is he doing now – acting and I can say that he tried his very best to have the conversation with me although he lost his voice on that day – pity him (I guess must be lack of water due to excessive intake of alcohol). ;p

He told me that this was his first RWMF as last year although he has booked a hotel room, air tickets and bought the 3 days RWMF’s ticket; he had to cancel it last minute as it was clashed with his shooting schedules. When asked whether he’s going to stay for good in acting and coming back for the next RWMF– h
e says he will. Well, I wish all the success in your career, Tony. It’s indeed a pleasure and honor to meet you up, close and personal. 🙂

I’ve also met up with Bongkerz (an engineer by profession and had a critical mind of his own on current political issues which I liked) for the very first time in person (whom I get to know virtually at first) and thank you to Mel for making my dream comes true. Apparently, they have made early arrangement to meet up and I was fortunate to share the moment of meeting for the first time.

# with Man-D, MelB & Bongkerz

# with Bongkerz

Each time we are done with the patrolling, we would base at the main entrance to assist our team mate. Apart from seeing the crowd coming in, Celcom XPac booth is also busy entertaining the crowd with their own performances and one of the interesting performances on that night was fire blowing performance by the dancers. It does scared the hell out of me at first upon seeing them spitting at the fire and you can feel the heat of it from a distance.

Knowing the fact it was the final night of RWMF, I grabbed my digicam and started to capture every single moment I can (but of course with my boss approval and thank you to you boss for being supportive here – i know you are reading this hehehe..). I also find myself intimidated (jealousy in silence bah) by the presence of professional and amateur ‘shooters’ with their high tech of gadgets at the main stage thus left me ‘shy shy cat’ at the side of the stage taking my shots.

# even the camera man want a better view

I pity myself also for not able to experience the ethnic performances throughout the concerts and only God knows the feeling on how I restrain myself for not getting too excited and joined the crowd dancing due to the uniform that I put on. Even by standing in front of the main stage, I can sense the ‘aura’ from the crowd. It’s something beyond description and only you can describe the adrenalin rush of that moment at that time. ;p

# put your hands up in the air peeps

The best part of the finale is when confetti was blown to the air to end the 11th Rainforest World Music Festival soon after the announcement of the 12th Rainforest World Music Festival which will fall on the 10th, 11th & 12th July 2009.

It was such a relief to all of us that everything went smoothly without any casualty damage. I had my own way of fun and I guess it goes the same with you too. The event itself is indeed an eye-opener for me on what a rainforest music festival really meant to be. Of course, there is always loop holes in between (we are not perfect and same goes to the organizer despite of organizing it for the 11th time) but if all of us take matters professionally, I believe thing would eventually resolve accordingly. 🙂

So to the RWMF’s fan out there, respect yourself first thus you will appreciate more on what a rainforest music festival had to offer to you. It is just not a music festival but it is also represent your cultures to the world. I’m looking forward to see more local music performers to participate in the future because you are the nation music ambassadors and I’m proud of you all – SeniDA, Kan’iD, Akasha and Tuku Kame.

p/s – LadyBird will be attending the 12th RWMF next year (by God’s willing) with a different review from a different point of view. Till then everything will remain as a mystery instead of a secret. 🙂


  1. melbie

    28 July, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Eh habis dah?? Hahahha … I have another 3 more drafts to post oOo..

    Maroonnya muka aku dalam gambar tu.. but can hardly wait to get my hands on the all the copies of photos soon!

    Eh eh mau pulang sudah.. nanti aku sambung komen.. hahahha

  2. Mystery LadyBird

    30 July, 2008 at 12:02 am

    aku malas sudah mau cakap pasal rwmf ni, wait till aku abis modal baru aku post lagi about rwmf stuff hehehe..

    maroon or no maroon nda kisah bah tu, yang penting we all have fun kan. get ready your pen drive to get the photos from me during your visit ya. will bring you to the campus for a tour. 🙂

  3. melbie

    30 July, 2008 at 4:46 am

    cannot burn to CD kah? hehehe.. brapa besar all the files? My pendrive currently only 2GB capacity only worr… Uni tour??? Okaaayyyy… will tell the rest, which reminds me to email you the so called plans 😉

  4. Mystery LadyBird

    30 July, 2008 at 4:58 am

    burn? adooiiii aku sekarang malas tahap space cop gaban ni but will try my best la k…

    yaaa mana plan tu?? cepat2.. ;p

  5. melbie

    1 August, 2008 at 12:40 am

    hahaha okie okie, will bring the pendrivelah, nda payah susah² .. 8 days to go!

  6. Mystery LadyBird

    3 August, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    aku tengah menghitung hari jugak ni..;p

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