11th Rainforest World Music Festival – The Second Day Actions

On the second day of RWMF, I was on night shift. So, after breakfast Katherine and I hopped into one of the bus shuttle and the exploration of SCV begins. Both of us know that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so while we are on duty later.

# my 2nd day wrist band
Honestly, you don’t get to see many crowds during the day time which makes me wonder whether most of the crowd is attending the RWMF just for the drinks, foods, courting girls & boys, family outing, becoming a part time bikini model or becoming partially nude model (especially to those young ’wannabe’ teenagers aduuhhh sakit mataku) or are they really appreciating the different genre of ethnic music from respective countries that were presented throughout the workshop and the concerts??

# with a Korean lady

To my understanding (based on my own observation and my first RWMF experience) the RWMF concept is that it consists of cultural and musical workshop during the day and concert like performances during the night. RWMF is a music festival (the name itself says it all) and I believe it is more than just a music festival; it’s a pure ethnic music with some beats and jazzy fusion that are played by local traditional and international musicians. And with this basis, SCV is chosen as the official venue as the living museum itself fit the purpose.

# the mohawk man

But what disappointed me the most are those who don’t appreciate the M-U-S-I-C. To them, it’s time to party and its PARTY HARD (like tomorrow is ARMAGEDDON). They drink till they ‘drop’, they smoke ‘grass’ (luckily they didn’t turn into a cow), the wannabe model ladies dress up in their best bikini wear (maybe to show off who has the most ‘delicious’ or flat boobs, some even proudly display their ‘map to heaven’-cellulites on their thigh, under their arm and also not forgetting exposing their ‘spare tyres’-buntalan daging) and many more which I personally find in-appropriate with the occasion.

# miniature sape on sale

Not that I’m being conservative here, to the ladies – I don’t give a damn on what and how you wanna dress up during this event but getting yourself drunk, barely stand and walk straight, trying your luck by ‘hitting’ on someone is something I can’t accept as it shows to the male that we female are ‘cheap’. I tend to feel ashamed of my own people as compared to the foreigners whom mostly dressed up in the most humble way of dressing.

# randomly snap ;p

My exploration of half day has spoilt my mood from exploring further so I decided to headed back to Santubong Resort to refreshes myself before I start my night shift duty. Soon after I reached my room, I saw Mariano carrying few plastic bags that content raw chicken heads. It’s the food for the guard dogs. It’s kind of relaxing seeing the dogs eating their food and I won’t miss a thing to capture their moments.

# nyum nyumm nyummyy..im hungry so back off

Although the night shift starts at 6pm, the night shift team performs their duty around 4:30pm. With high spirit and enthusiasms, we begin with our ‘appetizer’ by scanning the crowd with a metal detector device. We surely give you hard time here especially to the guys because they have to take out E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in their pocket and here we confiscated blades, scissors, swiss knifes and the most shocking one is firecracker-the bomb version.

# take your position pare’

# the crowd at the main entrance during non peak period

# the team in their position

# raise your arm ma’am and let me do the work# what’s inside your pocket, lady?

As for the ladies, some dislikes it when we searched inside their bags (including the ‘aqua’ aka woman wannabe). Well, I don’t give a damn on their faces and as a matter of fact, I would even check thoroughly their bags (rasakan lu). Some even sarcastically says “What are you looking for? I don’t bri
ng any explosives”
, “This is my 7th time coming to rainforest and never I go through this kind of security check before!.”, “There’s nothing in my bag, only my make-up kits bah.”, “What if my money went missing?”, “Are you done checking?”, “Are you looking for bomb? Do I look like a terrorist to you?” and the list goes on.

# aaww..i see pairs of g-string inside ;p

Though there is notice informing the public (hanged at the main entrance) that no outside food and drink are allowed, you still sees them ‘smuggle’ home-made food, take away food, tit-bits, liquor, beer and some even tried to be smart by re-filling their drinking container/bottles with liquor. And due to that, these ‘un-wanted’ items will be confiscate (for being stubborn and out-smart the security team) or else if they want it back, they can leave it at the ‘left luggage’ counter with a charges of RM5 (hello that is the charges for taking care of your stuff ok).

# confiscated item from food to drinks

And if you plan to attend next year RWMF and been through this security check experience, make sure you come clean. Next time, just bring your wallet and your ku-ku (for guys) or your pet-pet (for ladies) only. If you complaint the food and drinks are pricey then it shows you never been to a RWMF before and if you complaint that it wasn’t mentioned on STB’s website (on the food and drink issue) then lodge the complaint directly to STB instead of us (the security team).

The main thing here is we (the security team) are there for the sake of ensuring everybody is having fun in a peaceful manner. 🙂

The security check does not only happen at the main entrance but also at the main stage. This is to ensure no bad incident happens among the crazy and wild crowd. There is this incident where a lady tried to pull down her pant (due to ‘too wasted’) in the middle of crowd while dancing in the mud where she had to be ‘catch’ by one of the security team to prevent her from doing more ‘damage’ to herself. The sad thing is I personally know her and the worst thing is, the lady is a mother of 5. 🙁

# let’s party in the mud, peeps

There is also another incident happens at the main stage where a petite size man who is drunk and tried to perform his ‘superman’ act by climbing the barricades in front of the stage then ‘throw’ himself to the air and falls onto the crowd. Looking at such incident it gave no second doubt for the security team to take the necessary action so he was place at a designated ‘jail’ for any in-appropriate acts like this. The best thing is he is not a camera shy and even poses for me. ;p

# wonder who’s son is this? ;p

As the night getting ‘younger’, I noticed more and more crowd coming under the cat and dog weather. Like usual with typical Malaysian attitudes, public likes to buy ticket last minutes and some end up frustrated as the tickets were sold out.

# hand-written notice – come on STB, next time get it well printed

I was told more than 9000 tickets were sold that night but the truth is, the physical count would be more than 10,000 people which has not included the media representatives, the police force, the performers, the food vendors, the sponsors and lastly the security team.

# the long queue going out

With all the sweats all over my body while on duty under the hot sun, with all the sarcastic feedbacks thrown at me during the security check process, at times I felt numb on both of my legs for standing too long, you barely have time to ‘release’ yourself at the washroom, everything are un-forgettable experiences and it’s a sweet one to remember too.

How about your 11th RWMF experience??


  1. Kate(Meow2)

    25 July, 2008 at 5:26 am

    Wow your posts sounds more exciting then how I felt during that time. Ha ha ha

  2. Mystery LadyBird

    25 July, 2008 at 5:39 am

    being there physically and getting to know what’s in my mind at that time are two different thing. and im lucky i can share what was going on in my mind here and hopefully it does reach out to those that felt offended while we perform our duty.

    it is seriously not an easy task to do although we make it look easy to their eyes. so shall i say we are good in what we are doing here? hehehe… ;p

  3. Darren

    25 July, 2008 at 6:05 am

    I keep seeing that Korean lady, is she with the media?

  4. Mystery LadyBird

    25 July, 2008 at 6:18 am

    nope she’s not with the media neither does she’s with the performers group. she’s there promoting korea and sells korean handicraft products at rumah melayu.

    because of kept on seeing her among the crowd makes me curious which eventually lead me to the discovery of her ‘hide-out’.. 😉

  5. Mystery LadyBird

    25 July, 2008 at 6:18 am

    nope she’s not with the media neither does she’s with the performers group. she’s there promoting korea and sells korean handicraft products at rumah melayu.

    because of kept on seeing her among the crowd makes me curious which eventually lead me to the discovery of her ‘hide-out’.. 😉

  6. melbie

    25 July, 2008 at 6:49 am

    Haha.. this post reminds me of the girl who was so wasted, she couldn’t stand on her own.. she had to have support from the boyfriend or else she’d just fall flat on her face! While the boyfriend was going through the security check, one of our team members had to hold her .. LOL!

    I must make time to take pictures with the performers should I get the opportunity to be in RWMF again next year… reading your post now made me realised that I missed out A LOT this time haha..

  7. Mystery LadyBird

    25 July, 2008 at 7:12 am

    itu lah pasal..dia urang ni bukan nya pergi enjoy music festival tapi enjoy tuk memalukan diri sendiri bah. kalu nda pandai minum tu jangan minum lah kan, nasib baik nda ada berita ‘rogol beramai-ramai’ aritu kalu tidak gerenti rwmf kena banned sudah.

    missed a lot?? i don’t blame you though. we are there partially to perform our tasks and partially to enjoy so its kind of a bit difficult to take lots of shots for remembrances. plus it was your 1st year attending a rwmf and whatever that you feel you’ve left out before, do make it happen during your 2nd rwmf ya.. 🙂

  8. Desmond

    25 July, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    So how was the concert overall – I always enjoy your down to earth evaluation of the events that you attend. How was this one from the Ladybird’s point of view – putting yourself outside the hat of the organisers. I read kennysia was not impressed this time. Its important for the organisers to know this when the next rainforest fest comes.

  9. Mystery LadyBird

    28 July, 2008 at 12:07 am

    *blush blush*
    thanks for the compliment here, well im just being honest here and also would like to share my experiences with others hoping that it give more clearer pictures on what a rwmf is all about which i found most of us ‘mis-abuse/mis-interpret’ the whole concept.

    i read kenny’s review too on the the recent rwmf, as matter of fact all of those bloggers who attended would shared their own review of experiencing the workshops and the concerts but not like what im sharing here hehehe..

    ya i hope the organisers will improve whatever that they are ‘lacking’ of coz small matters does matter. 🙂

  10. melbie

    28 July, 2008 at 2:43 am

    I spent too much time on the beach and watching the dogs! LOL This time the dogs got my interest (definitely Lynne’s too!), but next year I’ll make up for it (please please, if sia dapat kerja baru, harap dapat ambil cuti for the RWMF hehe) Whenever we got to SCV its either the workshop haven’t started yet or it was their breaks. When it started, it was already time for me to get ready to be on duty .. no complains though, still had a blast of a time 😉

  11. Mystery LadyBird

    28 July, 2008 at 2:49 am

    better start to plan from now babe and hell yeah it was a blast for all of us.

    as for me, i’ve made my plan and i’ll definitely be at the 12th rwmf next year. this time as the public. 🙂

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