2008 Rainforest World Music Festival

Finale evening of the 10th Rainforest World Music Festival 2007
I bet the post title has created curiosity and interest to some of you my readers. I do not need to further explain about the music festival as the name explains it all. What ever it is, the Rainforest World Music Festival, definitely not-to-be-missed occasion, guarantees a smashing time in the heart of the Borneo Jungle.

Better still, it is held at Sarawak’s own living museum – Sarawak Cultural Village.

And those of you, who wish to purchase the tickets to the Rainforest World Music Festival, better hurry up before it runs out or else you’ll regret your entire life.

Wait a minute!! You must be wondering why I’m sounds like I’m out of my mind and so excited about it whereas the music festival itself will be on the 11th until 13th July 2008.

Well, I have a mission – a once in a lifetime mission that will make your dream come true where you can have ‘access all area’ during the Rainforest World Music Festival.

Yes, I ain’t kidding here coz I am damn serious about it.

I’m in a mission searching for volunteers in conjunction of this annual world level event and it is extended to those who are seriously committed, hard-working and matured volunteers. To add on top of that, you’ll be paid as a volunteer on daily basis. Sounds great?!!

Wait!! Do you know that transportation, food and accommodation are also provided? Yes, I repeat it is provided and when I say provided, its mean it’s fucking freaking FREE!! And check it out, you’ll gonna spend your volunteering nights at a leisure esplanade resort hotel – the Santubong Resort.

So, anyone interested? The search is on effective from the 8th April 2008 and will be close on the 30th April 2008. If you are keen to participate to be one of the volunteer, kindly leave your ‘oath of commitment’ under the comments column and email me your personal details like full name and contact number (compulsory) to ‘ladybirdakamolly@gmail.com’.

Please be informed that all correspondences are treated ‘PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL’ and only selected volunteers will be notified. A briefing session will be arranged soon after the closing date.

I’m serious here guys so start to spread the word around or else you’ll gonna regret it coz this is the only time where you can escape and forget all the bad things that stresses you out and having fun at the same time.

p/s – I’ll be there too. 😉

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28 thoughts on “2008 Rainforest World Music Festival

  1. melbie

    Hey LadyBird! 🙂

    How I wish I can … I wanted to go since last year … not sure if I can make it this year too … nevertheless.. you have a blast of a time – and get lots and lots of photos! 🙂

  2. Mystery LadyBird

    submit your leave now as you have 3mths to go hehehe…you’ll regret it more when you cant make it, this 11th RWMF may be the last you know..

  3. Mystery LadyBird

    submit your leave now as you have 3mths to go hehehe…you’ll regret it more when you cant make it, this 11th RWMF may be the last you know..

  4. Mystery LadyBird

    part of the deal is to leave your ‘oath of commitment’ under the comment column followed by emailing me your contact details. can you do that? 😉

  5. melbie

    the last???? uwaaa.. pleaselah – don’t make it the last one …

    eh, you sounds like if I give you my details, you’ll automatically take me in as your volunteer?? hehehhee …

  6. Mystery LadyBird

    yes and you might be sharing same room with me so let me refresh it again – if you are keen to sign up as a volunteer just leave your ‘oath of commitment’ under my blog comment column and email me your contact details (e.g: full name & contact no.).

    only selected and serious volunteer will be call to attend a briefing session on the event. however, considering your logistic – the free transportation, food & accommodation is from MYY-KCH. 🙂

  7. cdason

    I’m interested.. but I have to work.. huhuh.. any way I could get a leave?? hehehhe

    Want to go to the RWMF really bad.. but still dont know who to go wif..

  8. Alexallied

    Would love to be part of this explosive festival! Hope I could get that chance to cover it on my blog this year, cause I’ve missed it last year.

  9. Desmond

    A smashing time in the Heart of Borneo Jungle? Wah…that’s a good line for promo! If you say beer is free I could be interested.

  10. Mystery LadyBird

    *smack his forehead* ;p

    apply for leave lah cikgu mun dah desperate gilak mok g ehekk..u still cn join d RWMF during nite time what..siang ngajar, malam ‘happy hour’ cultural village apa yg susah gilak ya.. 😉

  11. Mystery LadyBird

    don’t tell me you neva attended any 1 of the RWMF before? nothing is for free nowadays but i can buy you 3 cans of ‘Harimau Bir’ in Miri for RM10 lah not at RWMF ahakz.. ;p

  12. melbie

    Oath Of Commitment

    I, melbie* (name changed to protect real identity *ahakz*), and 2 more friends hereby pledge to volunteer for RWMF 2008.

    Please make sure that we have a place to stay so that we won’t end up sleeping on the street, for it is understandable there’s more or less no more hotels with rooms availability by then.. hehe

    p.s: details coming up soon… hehe

  13. Mystery LadyBird

    aku tidak sampai ati tengok korang tidur dalam sleeping bag di tepi kaki lima bah, standby saja bikini nanti kita berjemur di resort tu..kita buat pertandingan sapa ada banyak ‘spare tyre’ lol.. ;p

  14. Mystery LadyBird

    thanks for the ‘contract’ and looking forward to meet you in person this July so till then aramaiiitiiiiiiiiiiii… 😉

  15. melbie

    haha LadyBird.. I was just kidding bah…! You said it here and then over the phone too (Yay! Getting closer to that *real life* friendship..” haha)..

    If that was for real *touch wood*, you wouldn’t even see us sleeping in a sleeping bag … for we like to travel light LOL ..

    Thank you very much, LadyBird! 🙂 You’re a gem! hehehhe so lucky to have a friend like you hehe

  16. Mystery LadyBird

    ko mau kah tidur di kaki lima tu? aku ndak sudi bah tapi aku sudah standby sleeping bag. pakai kita tidur ramai2 di tepi pantai sambil tengok anak bulan. 🙂

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