A Birthday Gratitude

For more than 3 decades, I was born in this world.
I never thought I could come this far.

Thank you Lord for I am able to live my life to the fullest.
Thank you Lord for the wonderful, dedicated and the best parent you gave me.
Thank you Lord for hate and love relationships of loved ones you gave me.
Thank you Lord for I am a healthy person.

I thank you Lord for what I am today.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes sent via Twitter, FaceBook, emails and phone calls.
I felt the love, the joy, the care, the encouragement and I feel the inner peace.
I am grateful.
I am so blessed.

I look forward to move on with life.
At the same time, I look forward to all of your supports too.
Without you all, I am just nobody.

Thank you to God.
Thank you to daddy and mummy.
Thank you to all my loved ones.
I love you all.

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