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As I am writing this post, I am in the midst of shooting session for a production asssigment by a group of media students. I was selected as I was seen as a suitable subject for their project hence the blog post title above.  I have to say it was my first time experience as a ‘rat lab’ but nevertheless I manage to overcome it with couples of re-shoot and not to mention the encouragement and motivation given by the media students (maklum lah sik kalak bah).

I begin to realise that it is not easy to play a role in the making of a production not to mention when you have to memorize your script (now I know it’s not easy to become an actor/actress). The actors that I’ve seen in movies made it look so easy but we as the viewer rarely get to know what’s behind each scene. Nevertheless, I hope the final product will impress the lecturer and wish the media group that approached me would score a good grade.

Good luck guys.

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