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I was not feeling quite well lately. I am lucky that I have not go down with fever and flu yet but my body was aching all over. I guess it was due to ‘over-occupied’ aka stress with campus events (since the graduation ceremonies) and having not enough sleep for 3 consecutive nights entertaining our international agent delegates early of this week.

To start the long dissappearance of mine in the blogpshere, I’ll begin with a tag from BlindPerfect’. 😉

It’s a driving experience tag and if you’ve been following my blog, you know I dislike to tag others so if anyone of you would like to do the tag, do feel free to do so. 🙂

Do you have a driving licence?
Yes, I do. Class D & Class B (in other word, i can drive big bike) 😉

When did you get your driving licence?
In the 1990’s.

Years of experience in driving?
Since 1990’s until now.

Any bad experience??
So far, never got myself into any car accident (touch wood lok eh) but does reversing a car and broke the rear mirror into pieces considered bad experience? I hit my brother’s car (his car was ‘un-scratch’) and paid RM250 to get my car fixed which inclusive of car boot re-paint, knocking the slightly dented car boot and get a new rear mirror replacement).

Any good/memorable experience?
When I got to drive my car out from the car dealer showroom with the plastic car seat covers still wrapped on it. In-directly showing it off at the petrol station to pump some fuel before heading home (cam lah draib keta merz maka keta kancil jak). ;p

3 habits while driving

  • I like to play and listening to my selected songs via my car modulator mp3 in the car as it initiate various mood to the driver before starting the day.
  • Putting on my sunnies while driving is a must even though its just going to a nearby convenient shop. Gaya. Mutu. Keunggulan. ;p
  • I like to lean side way when driving long distance.

3 things you dislike

  • I hate it when car honking me from behind especially at a traffic light stop junction, just to make me move fast. Too bad lah if you don’t have the patient. When this happen, I’ll honked back and raise my middle finger out from the car window.
  • It’s quite annoying to see black tinted ‘ahbeng’ cars with loud musics on (coz they have hearing problem) and loud exhaust that sometime know how to ‘fart’ and cutting your queue without signalling. I always pray for any mishaps to fall upon them (aku memang jait dalam bab tok) coz they’re so not deserve to drive on the road with good driver like me who abide to the law unlike them who thinks they owned the world.
  • I dislike it when driving on the highway, some cars (with signalling or without signalling) coming out from a junction to the highway with a slow speed. Sometime, one has to brake hard to avoid kissing their car ‘ass’. I encountered that many occasion and I again would show them my middle finger when I overtaking their car. Serious.

Although getting a driving licence is a requirement by the law, sometime driving is not all about getting the licence to drive but also one has to know the driving code of ethique and learn to respect other drivers. Don’t you think so?

Talking about driving code of ethique, I know showing off your middle finger is not right but I personally think it’s alright to do so when it is done appropriately. ;p

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11 thoughts on “A Driving Experience Tag

  1. isah

    You did tagged! And what an interesting tag this is. And humorous too! I was like giggling to myself bila baca your description of your driving experience 🙂

    Thank you for the time and sharing this tag!
    Let’s hope some more blogger friends who comes and read your post will be willing to do the tag. It’s fun and we’ll get to know each other 🙂

    btw I want to invite you and anyone who read this, to my ‘Mother’s Day Giveaway’ contest which is on now! To enter is v easy, just leave a comment at that particular post, that’s it. DO check it out at my site Blindperfect. Thank you!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. aLoM

    hahaha..intresting.. im included in the 3 things you dislike about driving..let me explain ok…1 my dun hv loud exhaust(still ori but my engine bising) and bout the loud music, i love to share the music i enjoy..hahaha.. cheers and happy mothers day Ladybird 🙂

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      hhaaaa..sib bait u ngaku dalam bab tok, mun sik abis ko kenak ‘harass’ ku kat kampus. trus trang ku madah mun mok digolongkan dalam geng ahbeng atau ahbeng wannabe tuk, buang duit jak. bagus simpan duit pakei mod keta tuk pakei belanja mak tercinta kat hotel bersempenaan dengan hari ibu yang mulia tok kan.

      best camnei pun bunyi exhaust keta kita mun setakat kita dapat nanga keta ya pecut dari ujung nun ke ujung ctok, bagus ibohh. mun keta ya tek pecut kedak F1, berbaloi juak duit ya pakei mod exhaust keta nak.menyakitkan telinga org dengar adalah.

      tok sigik, sapa2 yang on muzik dalam keta senyaring-nyaring nya tuk memang sah ada masalah pendengaran. sebab yalah nya full blast volume keta nya. bukan kerna nya mok show off nya mpun sound system pun.

      kesimpulan nya, sidak tok memang sah kurang kasih sayang.

      errr..trasa kitak tek pok? ilek lah, bah pastok kita duak g sigup tepi keta kitak k. sambil ya, kita duak full blast volume keta kitak lalu bercermin kat rim keta kitak yang kilat ya. 😉

  3. aLoM

    Hehehe..Ya ku madah tek.. Keta ku Exhaust sik bising…Engine ya bising.mok madah keta laju sik juak..byk gik nok laju..tp bala2 student lam campus tok byk dah kena tapau keta iswara buruk ku ya kat airport lutong..hehehe..Juh kita sigup kat keta..layan lagu cinta sabun mandi..hahaha

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      iboh angan2 mok mod keta ya kedak ‘pei-ra-ri’, tauk jimat ka duit nyak ucak meli ‘pei-ra-ri’ amai2 deh baka aku meli krita ‘pei-ra-ri’ koleksi shell ehekk.. ;p

      bab tapau keta ke airport ‘legend’ ya perkara biasa di kalangan drag racer wannabe deng. bila dah ‘wa-kena-beb’ klak, jgn ‘nyabak’ serta menyusahkan mak bapak jak klak. cam kata omputih – preventian is better than cure, if you cant prevent yourself, let me knock you hit and run k.. ;p

      bah bila gik sigup tok. abis dah sabun cap popinjay ku tok diukir jadi ‘baya’ nunggu kau.

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