A Fengshui Enthusiast

It is said that the Dragon year doesn’t favor some of the animals zodiac and my animal zodiac happen to be one of them. Although I’m not a great believer but I do go through my zodiac just to see what the year has to offer for me. My findings was not so favorable.

Despite all of that, I moved on positively as I believe you’ll attract the positive aura to fall upon you. I started to practise fengshui again after neglected it for years just to re-activate certain areas of my life. True enough, something beautiful fall upon me and I felt so bless. It was beyond my expectation.

I still have the ‘touch’ for fengshui after all.

How about you?
Do you practise fengshui?

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2 thoughts on “A Fengshui Enthusiast

  1. Moone in the deep

    Good spot but for me, not to believe it, but it’s a marking for us to identify ourself 🙂 and of course most important in life is to believe in yourself.

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