Hello everyone and welcome to LadyBird’s world.

LadyBird® is her virtual nickname in the cyberspace (since the era of MIRC) and she’s still using it even in the blogosphere world. She’s fond of the nick and she think it shall remain that way. She’s currently residing at the OilTown of Sarawak, also known as Miri (2nd largest city in Sarawak), working and pursuing her studies in an international education organization. She travels occasionally be it for business or leisure trips.

LadyBird was born in the year of Ox (Chinese horoscope) and a Geminian to a loving couple who comes from different race and culture in the heart of the ‘Land of the HeadHunters’ of which is also known as Sarawak. Coming from a mixed marriage background among the ethnic races in Sarawak is a norm and she’s very proud to be part of this diversify cultures. In 2010, she was awarded with PVC Staff Study Support Scholarship by the university and due to her interest in the indigenous people and the multi-diversity of socio-culture and historical of Borneo, she enrolled into Bachelor of Arts majoring in Mass Communications where Borneo Studies units are offered as elective.

She was introduced to blogosphere by a virtual friend, Sileast (whom now is a dear friend in real). She started to blog via few platforms as follows;
2003-Oct 2008 – Friendster blog (Friendster profile is no longer exist)
Nov 2008-Aug 2009 – http://ladybirdakamollyz-myworld.blogspot.com/
Sept 2009 untill present – http://www.awomandiary.com/

A Woman’s Diary is simply about anything that comes to mind so you’ll either have to love it or hate it. She is also trying to create awareness and interest on the importance of cultural conservation and preservation among younger generation. But that doesn’t mean she cannot be annoyed and she can be sarcastic at times. Till then, enjoy reading her blog and have a pleasant day ahead.

To follow LadyBird/A Woman’s Diary:
Twitter: @LadyBirdMollyz, FaceBook: AWomanDiary.Com, Website: A Woman’s Diary

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