Are Men That Irresponsible?

I couldnt sleep and I can hear the clock ticking at the living room from my bedroom. I know it’s already passed midnight coz I remembered when I reached home, it was already around 11pm after attended a belated birthday party held at PBC.

It was quite disturbing for me after Christine (one of my close girlfriend) poured her heart all out emotionally to me via GTalk.

Christine and Peter loved each other and when I get to know about the relationship, I was happy for Christine. She finally found her man after going through few failed relationships. All this while I thought she was happy but she wasn’t. Apparently, Peter had betrayed her love all this while. Peter had an affair behind her back and been lying to her all this while. To make thing worst is Christine and Peter had a daughter together.

It has been 2 years now and the daughter is going to celebrate her 2nd year birthday soon this coming February. What hurt me the most is when I got to know Peter was never there by her side when she delivered his daughter and same goes with the daughter’s birthday. There are times where her daughter would ask for her daddy when they’re alone at home. Apart from that, Christine is burdened with financial problem too. She had to pay certain amount to money lender in town which was borrowed by Peter for her birth delivery at one of the private hospital. She told me she still had an amount of RM5K to go.

To make the situation worst, Peter’s new girlfriend harrassed her via phone calls and text messages. She even dare to ask Christine whether Peter is giving her any financial support. I told Christine to stop answering or replying her calls and text messages. It’s just wasting of time.

I gave her the best advice that I can think of – to move on with life. Leave behind the past and turn a new chapter in life. It is hard at first but once you get along with the pace, you’ll be fine.

I started to see my own life. I’ve encountered many ups and down in a relationship with the opposite sex before and yes it takes time to heal all the wounds and pains along the way. It’s easier said than done but bottom line is I moved on with the scars, after all life is not like a bed of roses.

My mind is actively pondering on the fact that are all men irresponsible for what they did to their loved one? I know there are few good men out there but why is it there are more irresponsible men out there than the good one? Is it because the women made the wrong choice on selecting their men? Or is it because it’s purely on one’s luck to have a good men in their life?

I wonder whether I’ll be given a good man in the near future hhhmmm…it’s kind of scary though, honestly.


  1. netster

    10 January, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    I say just move on.

    Wishing your friend all the best.

  2. kenwooi

    10 January, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    not all men are irresponsible, some are..
    well, i agree with you..
    christine should move on with her life, telling peter that he’s such a ________ (insert word)

    if peter is my friend, i’ll ask him to think wisely on what he really wants and make that decision well.. =)

  3. araleling

    10 January, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    She really should just move on.. and true the first step will be the hardest one of all.. but I’m sure with your support as a friend who is there for her, she can slowly pick up her pace.. and would actually be happier too.. since he never was there for her for anything …

  4. naomi

    11 January, 2010 at 4:49 am

    Have to be careful in choosing man. Generally hard to trust any man…. Actually I also don’t know how to know a man is good or not. Just do some research before accepting any man…

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