Asia Music Festival 2013 : Behind The Scene/The InSight

To organise an international level event is not an easy task. There are lots of works involved from the moment the idea of organising the event until the post-event stage. It does not only involve physically, mentally but financially too for those who are involved be it directly or indirectly. These are the things that we didn’t get to know much.

Having the advantage to cover the inaugural event under theMedia pass, let me walk you through my ‘eye’.

The Media Group
I’ve attended and covered several events organised by Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) for the last 3 years and as far, the media group are well treated. Having that said, doesn’t mean I don’t’ have issues, for this I reserve my feedback in my next post (jeng jeng jeng :p).

During the media registration, the so-called ‘Media Welcoming Kit’ was distributed at the Media Centre. In short, the Media Centre is where the media group gets their ‘fix’ on any updates for the day, downloading latest pictures taken by official photographer including pampering us with light refreshments.

Public Entrance Setup
As this is an inaugural event, it is also the first time for EastWood Valley Golf and Country Club being appointed as the event official venue.  Again, I reserve my feedback on EastWood Valley Golf and Country Club in my next post (jeng jeng jeng :p).

A ticketing booth was placed strategically at the hotel lobby entrance for public conveniences. Once proceeding toward the musical corridor (where the main stage is), one has to go through another check point to get their wrist tag. Signance was placed strategically for smooth traffic flow.

After putting on the wrist tag, as you walked further in the musical corridor, one get to see the food stalls on the left side and the fringe events on the right side of the musical corridor. There are tables and chairs placed in front of the food stalls with a big LED screen hanged up (for live feed purposes) at an intersection towards the main stage for public conveniences. I have to say, the hotel has done a good job on the booth arrangements.

With such neat and tidy arrangements, the musical corridor has ample space for the crowd not just to sit down and chill but also get to dance as well albeit there were more than 100 big bikes parked on the musical corridor throughout the 2 days event.

I was bit skeptical at first when I received the floor layout few days prior to the actual day and boy I was surprised to see the actual layout can actually accommodate big crowd. 😉

Stage Setup & Schlepers

The stage setup takes few days prior to the actual day of the event. This is when the technical crew plays their role; handling cables (audio & lighting), etc. Sound check is a must do thing when it come to any live music performances and I get to witness some of the performers sound check session.

Schelepers as what they are known in any of STB’s music event is another group of technical crew. These are the person that carries the performers’ musical equipment and get to set it up on the stage within a stipulated period prior to any performances hence they can’t  be seen as most of the time, they are at the backstage. In any performances, time management is essential.

As you can see, without them, we (the crowd) will not get smooth performances with good quality of sound and lightings.

I’ve been to Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo Jazz Festival and now Asia Music Festival of which all of those STB events, I have to say that the best lightings effects is during the Asia Music Festival. Great job guys!

Personally, having the priviledge to have the insight view of the inaugural event is definitely an honour for me (you have?!). To have an international level of music festival just behind my backyard is just phenomenon! And the ticket price of RM30 for adult and RM15 for children aged 3-18 really value for the money. Enough said.

Coming right up in my next post, The Concerts. 😉

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