V.STAR, a young South Korean female group who were finalist in KOREA’S GOT TALENT of 2012 will be performing at the Asia Music Festival to be held on the 4 & 5 October in Miri, Sarawak.

This band has gained a reputation among the emerging South Korean young bands. Their style can be identified as the new traditional Korean mixture, as they play their music using traditional Korean music instruments, whether in original compositions or through new arrangements of famous Korean and Western covers. Their style is thus based on merging both Gugak traditions (Korean ethnic music) and modern sounds.

V.STAR comprises Gwan Jihye, playing the traditional Gayageum (Korean zither, modified into twelve strings), joined by the percussionist Kan Keun Hwa, playing Janggu (double headed drum with a narrow waist in the middle), Heejin Park playing the Daegeum (Korean flute), and Ellie Kim singing Pansori (Korean dramatic melodies), Ellie also plays a second Gayageum and the  keyboards in some shows.

The inaugural Asia Music Festival (AMF) will showcase no less than 15 really talented Asian artists. V.STAR will also feature Kamal Musallam, a prominent Middle Eastern artist. The partnership between Kamal and V.STAR has resulted in beautifully merging the traditional Korean music within a rich musical context full of elements from Asian music, Jazz and Rock and much more. All to bring the music to another Fusion level. The two groups of artistes wanted to show the world the power and beauty of Korean Gugak and how it can communicate with other musical traditions and styles.

Other than V.STAR band, the first edition of Asia Music Festival will also feature Bembol Rockers (Philippines), Anthony Dassan Yen Party Band (South India), Orkes Soesah Tideor (Indonesia), Foxy Girls (Indonesia), Boy Thai Band (Thailand), Tritha (North India) and Fakhrul Razi (Brunei).

There will also be bands and singers from Malaysia and among them are Melissa Francis, Starlet Band, The Mountain Wind Band, Hevance Band and Sarawak very own Bob from the famous Malaysian TV program, Akademi Fantasia.

The tickets for the festival are now available from Sarawak Tourism Board’s offices or at its Visitor’s Information Centres in Kuching (+6082-410944), Sibu (+6084-340980) and Miri (+6085-434180). For enquiries, contact Sarawak Tourism Board at or +6082-239171 or log on to and for more updates.

Tickets are priced at RM30 per day for adult and RM15 per day for children or students aged between 3 and 18 years. Those below 3 years would be allowed in without charge.

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