Asia Music Festival 2013: The Concert Day 2

Performer Press Conference

Started the day by downloading some photos taken by the official photographer at the Media Centre then later proceed to the performer press conference. Here, the media group were introduced and get better understanding of respective performers that will perform later in the evening.

Later in the afternoon, attended another press conference with the Minister of Tourism.

Concerts Day 1
The Mountain Wind Band, Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia
This band was given the honor to kick starting the concert for that day. The band is a country band formed in year 2010. They had performed at various functions in Sarawak at community rallies, dinners, golf tournament functions, corporate functions and dinners. I have to say they really sounded like western country music singers and that get the crowd including Sarawak Tourism Board CEO on his feet to do the poco-poco moves.

Melissa Francis, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
The singer involved in the music industry since 8 years old. Her first singing contest participation was in year 1994 and never look back ever since. Now, she set up her own company and had received several awards for her dedications.

I was astonished with this songbird voice; she can sing high notes easily and made her at the same par as Malaysian reknowned singer such as Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Ning Baizura.

The Starlets, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Once again, this band was given the honor to perform for the second time in the inaugural music festival. This time, they sang mostly fast beat songs and it was indeed entertaining performance as the crowd get to dance and sing along with the band.

Fakhrul Razi, Brunei Darusalam featuring Camoflauge, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
The guy is not just an independent singer-songwriter but he’s also a TV host at Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB), a radio announcer and one of the most sought emcees in Brunei. He started to write his own songs at the age of 14 and performed in numerous events in Brunei and international arena since 2004.

Here, he collaborates with a local band: Camoflauge as his accompanying band. To listen his normal tone of voice is just ordinary but when you get to hear him singing live on the stage, the tone is just extra ordinary. No wonder he won gold medals in World Championships of Performing Arts in R&B/Jazz, Original Works and Open Vocal (Male) categories.

Boy Thai Band, Thailand
This band was labeled by the Thai media as ‘Commandos of traditional music in the globalisation age’ simply because they have their own unique way of playing classical Thai music. They developed a modernized Thai sound by mixing western rhythms with Thai classical music. Similar to V.Star of Korea, they played traditional musical instrument such as Thai xylophone (ranad), flute, and Thai percussion but played it with upbeat manners.

I have to say that the boys are talented artist and indeed their music innovation has turn from a conservative boring Thai music to a new level of music fusion.

Anthony Dassan, India
Anthony Dassan is a real folk artist. Originated from a small town of Reddypalayam, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, he doesn’t just dance but he act, juggle, and does acrobatics and even played few instruments.

His energetic performance draws the crowd to him. Although I don’t understand a single word of his song lyrics but his music does get me on the floor with Bhangra moves and immitating some of Indian dances moves as seen in Indian movies. The bloggers team and I had a blast in front of the stage throughout their performance.

Foxy Girl, Indonesia
The group started as a group of model who then trained as singers; represented by Jessie, Moza and Jeje. They are a vocal group that sings R&B, pop and dangdut. Back in their country, this group has won many awards namely the ‘Anugerah Muzik Indonesia’ 2012 in Best Group category, Best Dance Production Work and Best R&B Production Work.

I get to sing along ‘Aku Yang Tersakiti’ by Judika from the beginning till the end of the song. For that, I was impressed with myself coz for the life of me, I can’t finish singing an entire song. I think I have been ‘charmed’ by Foxy Girl. They’re not only cool but interact with the crowd often. The crowd were dancing and singing along throughout the night.

I had a blast and I look forward for the next Asia Music Festival next year (if there is any). 😉

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