Awesome Meet Up wif Sarawak Blogger Founder

Cyril, the founder of Sarawak Bloggers is in town and along with @AdjayMagic and I, we got to catch up. I didn’t manage to ask whether it was Cyril first visit to Miri but he seems to like Miri alot compare to Kuching. I was impressed as I didn’t expect that coming from a Kuchingnite where most of the happenings always happened in Kuching as compare to Miri.

Anyhoo, it is good to know. At least now, I know Miri is unique in its own way. 🙂

As the night progresses, our conversation got ‘heated up’; from casual conversation turn into project discussions. With our own existing commitments in hand yet shared the same passion in the virtual world, will see whether the discussion will materialized, only time will tell.

We parted our own way after few hours of productive chatting. Along the way back home, the brain start to process and analyze the thing that we discussed earlier. I realized then that I have put myself into something ‘awesome’. 😉

By the way, a twitterer @iansalang, posted an interesting photo in Twitter a few days ago.  Sarawak Bloggers got featured in a book and I’m glad to find out I’m in it too. The book is due for launch soon and I can’t wait to have a copy of it.

Life is indeed awesome. Only when you’re with awesome people. 😉

Till next post, have a pleasant day ahead.

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