Bakam Waterfall Trekking Adventures

Who would think there’s a hidden treasure not far from the city and the place that Im referring to is right smack in the interior of Bakam forest. I’m not someone good/expert in giving the exact direction/location but with Google Search feature, you can click here for the exact geographical location of Kampong Bakam.

But behold, I do not have the geographical location on the waterfall. I rather not share it for the sake of nature preservation (bet you hate me for this).

I was told that there is a 3 tiers waterfall in Miri and it was located at Bakam area. What makes it more interesting is that I was informed by a MNS (Malaysia Nature Society) member. Like I mentioned here, being a curious cat, I decided to join the MNS Miri branch group to trek the waterfall hence the waterfall trekking adventures begins.

I extended the trekking adventures invitation to my friends and there were 5 of us joining the MNS group. We departed our home at 6am (coz we were car pooling) and reached our meeting point with the MNS group around 7am. From there, we drove approximately half an hour to Kampung Bakam.

The waterfall trekking adventure was later joined by the Belia Bakam and they were the one who lead us to the hidden waterfall. We met at the kampong badminton hall and from there, we car pool on 4wd vehicles due to the nature of the existing road condition. We drove deep inside the forest for approximately half an hour albeit the slippery and muddy road condition due to the rain the night before. Our driver is one damn skillful driver; there are moments where I thought we would get stuck deep in the mud but with the expert driving skills and also with the little ‘push’ from a turbo engine (I underestimate the look of the 4wd vehicle at first), it was a smooth journey all the way.

Once we reached the end of the road (from here, one has to go by foot), we gathered and was briefed by John (MNS member) on the do’s and don’t throughout the trekking journey. Along the way, I was bit taken back as some of the area has been cleared to give way for palm oil plantation (bet the burning contributes to the recent haze, damn it!).

To me, the jungle trekking adventures begins here when I get to walk inside the forest. At times, we walked across clear streams, walked along tree branches, crawl under fallen big trees, going up and down small hills. The smell of the forest, the ground, the streams, the moss, looking at the sunray penetrating the trees brings back memories of my childhood adventures at my maternal grandparent’s kampong. I miss swimming in a clear water of river/stream, I miss staying overnight in the forest during durian season, I miss fishing by the river, I miss casting fish net, I miss finding wild mushroom under the forest trees and the list goes on. With the Baram Dam issue going on lately, I don’t think the newer generation gets to experience my childhood experiences.


The trekking journey took us approximately 40 minutes to reach the 3 tiers waterfall. From a distance, I could hear the waterfalls. Once, I get to feast my eyes on it, it was an orgasmic moment. I kid you not!

I hope the 3 tiers waterfall will become one of Miri tourist attraction spot in the near future but at the same time too, I am also hoping the relevant authority do take the necessary measurement of conservation on the surrounding forest. To me, spending of such adventures for merely 5 hours of your weekend/hectic schedules is worth it. Going back to the nature made me feel grounded in a way. 🙂

So, dear readers, have you been here?
Or have you been to any sort of jungle trekking adventures before? If yes, do share it with me.

Note: some of the photos are not mine hence credits goes to Stephen and Terry. 🙂


  1. Stephen

    12 September, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    Glad you can make it for this hike. It was my first hike to this waterfall too. Heck! love the stream crossings. I wore the wrong type of shoe. My shoe was heavy once soaked. Should have used the rubber type! Good thing…no leeches.

    1. LadyBird Eileen®

      12 September, 2012 at 9:30 pm

      It was your first? That is a surprise! Yes, I do agree on the type of shoe. Should I were told that there will be stream crossings, I bring along my ‘selipar jepun’ or the ‘adidas kampung’. Leeches? Another surprise for me lol.. Next time, bring along a stick of ciggie to get ride of the leech in your next jungle trekking.

      Btw, I look forward for next trekking (if there’s any). 😉
      LadyBird Eileen® recently posted..Bakam Waterfall Trekking AdventuresMy Profile

  2. kellynchiakailing

    30 April, 2018 at 2:14 pm

    halo, May I know how to get to bakam waterfall? I am not familiar with miri but few tips to get bakam will do.

    1. LadyBird Eileen®

      3 May, 2018 at 9:51 am

      hi there, i’m not sure whether the route to the waterfall still exist. i went there with group of MNS members which was led by groups of Bakam youth. if you’re keen to go there, i can hook you up with MNS member for direction.

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