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Blood Investigations

I bet the post title sound bit scary or even curious to some.

The thing is I went for the so-called ‘Blood Investigation’ for the first time in my entire life and being a scary cat, it does freak me out mentally. The previous week, I went to my university panel clinic and saw the promotion on the clinic’s wall. At first, I couldn’t care less but after much of in the state of persuaded and being convinced, I eventually give in (sik kempang ati mok mengecewakan nya) and decided to go for it (aokk aku memang congek, jadi harus dipejal tahap lipan).

I fast accordingly to what has been instructed to me by the clinic staff. The lady doctor took my blood (nyesal sik sempat ambik gambar sebab nahan sakit dicucok jarum, ngilu jak rasa nya, sedap gik rasa sayur peria) then injected it into 3 different lab test tubes with labels. I was wondering where would be those test tubes sent for further diagnosis. The last step was to give a sample of my urine.  To my surprise, that the whole session only took less than 10 minutes.

As of today, I am yet to receive the result (nerbes kmk denggg).

Till next post! 🙂


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