Borneo Jazz 2011 Wrap Up – Final

As mentioned in my previous post, what I’m about to share is merely based my humble opinion as a blogger. I observe, I ponder and I speak out.

It is said that the Miri International Jazz Festival or now known as Borneo Jazz is the premier annual jazz festival in Malaysia. For the record, Penang Jazz Festival, Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival and Genting International Jazz Festival are the other jazz festivals held in Malaysia. As a Mirian myself, I am so proud to know this fact and this is made possible by the hard work of Sarawak Tourism Board team. Once again, kudos to STB team!

To have a performing team, one must have a good leader. In this case, two thumbs up to Dato’ Rashid Khan, CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board. With several of strategies in organizing events to spur the tourism industry, by collaborating some projects with government and private sector, I think he has done a good job and that made him a very busy man too. However, never would I think someone like him would let his hair down.  This is truly ‘work hard, party hard’!

When you enjoyed a performance, it is not just about the performer. One needs to be aware that without a proper planning in selecting a good music, the performance will be dull even if the performer is drop dead gorgeous. Agree?

Randy Raine-Reusch is the Artistic Director for Borneo Jazz Festival and also the Rainforest World Music Festival. Sarawak Tourism Board oversaw both of the music festivals.  As matter of fact, Randy is one of the co-founder of the prestigious Rainforest World Music Festival. This is the man whom meticulously selecting the best performers and music to meet high class and world standard for both music festival. He’s a music composer, performer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist specializing in wind and string instruments.

I strongly feel that he’s the man behind the success on every great performance. Agree?

My first Borneo Jazz experience was back in year 2008. The jazz festival has been held at the same venue over the years and I’ve seen improvement in terms of the vendors’ booth layout. The new layout of positioning the main stage outdoor, strategic location of vendor booth and big screen panels within the vicinity is just damn appropriate. It gave more space to accommodate big crowd.

In any event, there are things that don’t go well based on my observation. In its effort to promote the music event itself, they are also looking into promoting and creating awareness ongoing green. During the press conference, it was mentioned that drink vendors are been advised to use bamboo as cup or mug upon serving their drinks. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happen. I did mention about it here and I thought I was hallucinating about it until this post supported it and my hallucination disappears in the thin air. ;p

Sarawak Tourism Board promotes the music heavily overseas but less promotion locally especially in Miri. Probably out of my ignorance, I don’t see frequent news in the local paper, few visibilities (few buntings placed on lamp post) pertaining to the event. Can I suggest putting up the event at billboards in the city and airport at least a month prior to the event?Last but not least, despite the hiccup here and there, I can foresee Borneo Jazz festival will be one of the iconic music festivals in the world (a record in the World Guinness Book of Record if can). Having people like me (ya, saya angkat bakul sendiri) giving honest feedback on the event, the organizer team will always work their ass off on their weakness coz by the end of the day, you just wanna make sure your money worth it.

Borneo Jazz 2012 will fall on the 2nd week of May and I look forward to cover the event again. When the time come, kindly give me all access pass so that I can cover the insight of what’s happening behind the stage. Can? ;p

Some of the pictures are credited to Sarawak Tourism Board and William Ting.

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