Borneo Jazz 2011 Wrap Up – Part 2

Being part of the media team, I have to say the organizer took care of us really well. Kudos to Sarawak Tourism Board Media team!!

Press conferences with the performers are usually held the following day after the concert and this allow the media get to know them better.

This year, Musical Meetings add on to Borneo Jazz. It is an informal show where musicians from different group meet onstage and jam together for the first time. This is where you can witness the act of music creation, stories and meet up with the artist themselves.

Day Three
Musical Meetings 1 @ ParkCity Everly Hotel, Miri

The first musical meeting was held at 12:30 noon and it come with a theme of ‘It all starts with the Blues’. Olivier Kikteff of Les Doights de L’Homme, Tom Keenlyside and Michael Creber of Cunha & Piper together with John Hammond were performing. It was a mind blowing performance!

Musical Meetings 2 @ Miri Marriot Resort & Spa
With the theme of ‘Jazz traves the world’, the show began at 3pm. Peter Ng of SIU2, Benoit Convert of Les Doights de L’Homme, Milan Bonger of State of Monc and Dhruv Ghanekar of Dhruv jamming on the stage fabulously. It was really an energetic performance. For jazz music lover out there, it is such a waste for you for not in the moment with us. Seriously!

Borneo Jazz Concert @ ParkCity Everly Hotel
As for the concert, let’s hear what other fellow bloggers– Balqis on her discovery on the first day of concert and AdjayMagic’s experience on both concerts.

Day Four
Sunday Matinee @ EastWood Golf & Country Club, Miri
Due to unforeseen circumstances fall upon me on this day, I couldn’t make it. Nevertheless, you can get to know what MadanMohan Rao has to say about it.

I hope you have fun during the recent Borneo Jazz and I’m looking forward to 2012 Borneo Jazz (2nd week of May). Coming next will be something pertaining to my post mortem on Borneo Jazz. RSS my web if you do not wanna miss a thing. 😉

Some of the taken pictures are credited to Sarawak Tourism Board and William Ting.

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