Borneo Jazz 2012 2nd Day Concert

SMB Chung Hua, Miri Marching Band Performance
The school marching band had won numerous awards (International and Malaysia level) and although I’m not an ex student of this school, I do feel proud on their achievements (the school does not only produce talented musicians but also record holder athletics-state and country record holders and excellent academic achievers). To perform in an international event such as Borneo Jazz is indeed a privilege and having to perform live performances in front of Mirian, your own home ground is even sweeter.

I never favor marching band performances before this but after seeing the live performances; it has totally changed my perception. I tend to appreciate more on the efforts, the enthusiasm, the talent and the performance. I never thought of ‘Hawaii Five O’ soundtrack can be played in a marching band tunes which to me is kind of cool and awesome. Music is indeed very universal after all.

What even make me more proud is to see female band conductor. Wwoohoooo go girl power!

The Concert
The concert of the night started with performance from Tropic Green of Singapore. The group consist of fellow professional musician and friends that hail from the UK, USA and Japan whom all of them are based in Singapore. In 2011, Tropic Green was awarded with Singapore International Foundation grant to participate at Samui International Jazz Festival in Thailand.

Tangora of France gets to perform the second act of the night. She comes from a French-Italian background and that explained why she sings in French and English numbers. Tangora is not only a singer but she’s also a songwriter and a composer. Having released 4 albums in year 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, she interbreeding poetic and musical writing for expressing herself in Latin, Creole and English languages, in year 2009, she sings an interbred jazz with Afro-American- Latin accents. I must say she’s such a talented artist.

As the concert venue is at a beachside, with the sea breeze gently blow my face, with the starry night, things started to heat up with a famous performer; Koh Mr Saxman & Takeshi Band from Thailand. Mr. Saxman or real name was Mr. Sekpol Unsamran is an award winner for the last 2 decades. He started his career when he was just 16, has performed in over 10 different countries and recorded 5 solo albums. I have to say this man is very energetic, ‘aggressive’ and really know how to interact with the audiences while playing his saxophone on stage. I was blown away!

Last performer for the concert was Schalk Joubert’s 3 Continents Sextet from South Africa, USA, Norway & Sweden. The group consisted of new generation jazz musicians whom hail from the mentioned countries above. This highly energetic group is the same group who performed during Borneo Jazz Opening Concert. What I liked the most of this group is that all of the female performers play the trombone, alto sax, clarinet, trumpet and piano. How awesome is that!! Again, go girl power!!

The Finale
In every beginning of a journey, there would be an end to it. The jazz festival has come to an end and all of the performers get to gather on the stage not only performing their last number but also bidding farewell to the crowd. What interesting about this performance is that it was kind of impromptu performance. You get to see the performers battled out in playing their instruments. Seriously, it was an ear-gasm moment!

The Sarawak Blogger team
I couldn’t recall who among us initiated it but we managed to organize a mini tweetup gathering held at the Media Centre. The team gets to meet Michael Lu, the person behind #SarawakTravel along with @salihinsaat and also @shery303. Perhaps next year, we would do a proper Borneo Jazz tweet up gathering yes?

My gratitude to Sarawak Tourism Board
First and foremost, covering this prestigious international event will not be made possible if it wasn’t due to collaboration with the Sarawak Tourism Board. On behalf of Sarawak Bloggers Miri team, thank you so much for the opportunity, lifetime experience and the trust in us on covering the event. Throughout the event, we have been taken care of and we look forward to contribute more in the near future. 😉

Note: Some of the pictures are not taken from blog author personal collection (with A Woman’s Diary’s watermark) hence  picture credits goes to @mcdrewnis  (Sarawak Bloggers team) and Sarawak Tourism Board.

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