Borneo Jazz 2012 Media Briefing

As usual, a media briefing session was held for international and local media representative at its official accommodation premise-ParkCity Everly Hotel. This year, Sarawak Tourism Board is very generous by granting 5 media passes to Sarawak Bloggers. Thanks a heap STB! J

Once again, I was given the responsibility to shortlist qualified bloggers and coordinate the Sarawak Bloggers team. This year, among the 5 Sarawak Bloggers team, I get/will to meet new blogger faces : Miss Oren and Miss Marg. The team gets to mingle with the international and local media representative while registering ourselves and collected our goodies bag. The team were been introduced to the organizer as well.

The simple yet informative media briefing session was emceed by Gustino. In the media briefing session, the media group was being introduced to the key players behind the international recognized event and the floor was also opened for Q & A session.

As there is an official photographer appointed, the media group is given the permission to use the taken photos throughout the 2 days event (yeahhhhh – of course, blogging ethics applies). His name is Pein Lee and I promised I’ll ‘camwhore’ with him soon (he’s always on the move ;p ).

Anyhoo, after the media briefing session ends; we were invited to attend the Opening of Borneo Jazz Concert (aka Launching Ceremony) with dinner. What can I say, it is indeed such a bliss to cover an event under a Media tag. J

Note: Picture credits goes to Sarawak Bloggers William Ting (except those with A Woman’s Diary’s watermark).

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