Borneo Jazz 2012 Opening Concert

In Dato Rashid Khan’s note to the Media, Borneo Jazz is a signature tourism event hence putting Miri the northern region of Sarawak into the spotlight. The event itself along with the Rainforest World Music Festival has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Last night, Borneo Jazz kicks off with an opening concert and dinner to invited guest, sponsors and also to the media.

Sarawakians are well known for its warm hospitality and rich in its culture and heritage. Last night, the guest was welcomed in a traditional Sarawakian style. The silent of the evening was filled up with live sape performance followed by Orang Ulu warriors dance performance. Later some young Orang Ulu maiden dances gracefully swinging their hands covered with hornbill feathers left and right, swaying their body gently in tune with the live sape beats. What a lovely sight to witness. J

While our eyes were feasted with such great performances, not only we get to enjoy the food but also get to mingle and building new network with the other guest.

For the opening concert, Schalk Joubert’s (Cape Town born, Award Winning Producer, Arranger and Performer) and the Three Continents Sextet entertained the guest with their music of sophisticated mix of western and South African jazz. The uniqueness of this group is that they are from South Africa, Scandinavia and the USA; of which the 3 huge jazz hubs in the world.

For the record, the jazz festival tickets are on sale and are available at ParkCity Everly Hotel reception counter. I see you there, tonight. J

Note: Picture credits goes to William Ting (except those with A Woman’s Diary’s watermark).

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