Borneo Jazz 2012 Press Conference

As usual, the following day after the concert, a press conference will be held for the media. This morning, I was late attending the press conference (something that I’m not proud of) and lucky enough other Sarawak Bloggers team member, Miss Marg and Reyanna get to cover the part that I missed.

The press conference were attended by F.V.E Project (Malaysia), Nita Aartsen (Indonesia), New Cool Collective (Netherlands) and Schalk Joubert 3 Continents Sextet (South Africa, USA, Norway, Sweden).

I let the pictures tells the story.

To those who are yet to experience Borneo Jazz 2012, I encourage you all to come early today as Miri renowned Chung Hua Miri Marching Band will kick off the festival with its world class performance. Come on guys especially to Mirians, where on earth can you get such entertainment when it is just at your own backyard? So, come out, come out and have fun!

So, come early today! There’s plenty of food and drinks made available so no worries on those stuff. Bring along mat, towels or even small pillows as you can just lay it on the ground while enjoying the live music performance.

Let’s chill under the stars, by the beach side tonight!!
I see you all tonight and don’t forget to say hi when you get to see me around. 😉

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