Borneo Jazz 2012 Tree Planting Ceremony

Last year, it was held at my campus and this year the ceremony is being jointly organised by Curtin Sarawak, Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).

In the simple ceremony, Sarawak Tourism Board’s CEO, Dato Rashid Khan said, “The Greening Project we have undertaken with Curtin Sarawak today represents the opportunity for all of us to come together as one and to cultivate especially amongst the youth of Sarawak that Borneo’s greenery is one of its precious national treasures and the tree planting that we are carrying out today goes some way to balancing the carbon footprint from Borneo Jazz”.

Later, after delivering the speech, we were invited to participate in planting the trees.

As this is my 2nd year covering the prestigous event, I get to meet some familiar faces.

This will be the second year the university is carrying out such a campaign and it is hoped that it will remain a tradition in conjunction with the annual Borneo Jazz Festival for many years to come. 😉

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