Borneo Jazz Festival 2013 : The City Tour & Behind The Scene

The City Tour
One of the activities for the media group was a city tour. Although we are based in Miri, not all the places we have visited so we decided to join the city tour. Out first stop was at the biggest Taoist temple in South East Asia which is located at Krokop. The place is magnificent!

Second stop was to a Buddhist temple which was located adjacent to the Taoist temple and was told that the temple is expected to open to public next year. It was an awe moment for me just by admiring the architectures of the temple.

Note: We were not allowed to take photographs inside both temple.

For our third destination, we were brought to Miri Handycraft Centre which is located right in the centre of the city. Most of us brought some souvenirs here.

From the handycraft centre, we were brought to the ‘Grand Old Lady’ where Miri’s first oil was found. The ‘Grand Old Lady‘ is located on a hill known as the Canada Hill.

The last destination was to The Esplanade but the team chooses not to go as we were hungry by then so we decided to skip the last stop and head to Muara Restaurant for dinner instead.

Behind The Scene
1) Press Conference
Every morning, there will be performers’ press conference for the media group. This allows us the media to be up, close and personal with the performers. And in every press conference, light refreshments are provided and it is indeed a good platform to mingle casually among the journalists and as well as the performers. A very warm hospitality provided by the organizer. 🙂

2) Work hard, play Hard the Sarawak Blogger team way
Although most of us are working people, we managed to attend the entire scheduled program by the organizer. We were given the program list a week prior to the actual event hence it’s easier for us to make the necessary arrangement on which to cover or be present based on our availability.

3) Met Rayyan, the Traveler Blogger
This year, I noticed the organizer extended invitation to bloggers (apart from Sarawak Blogger team) covering the event and the team met Rayyan, a traveler blogger whom sponsored by AirAsia and later became so attached with us. Rayyan is such a bubbly, jolly, friendly blogger and we ‘clicked’ instantly. To me, he is such an inspiration.

4) The Schlepper
Schleppers stand for group of people where their role is to carry the performers’ musical equipments, set it up behind then later on the stage prior to a performance. To me, these are the ‘unsung’ heroes to any concerts or performances.

5) The Press Pit
One of the perk being in the media group is to have the advantage of taking good shots. With this pass, you can take up, close shots of the performers on the stage especially when I took pictures just with my camera phone.

This is my final post which conclude the pre and post events on the recent Borneo Jazz Festival 2013. On behalf of the Sarawak Bloggers team, a big thank you to Sarawak Tourism Board team for their professionalism and the warm hospitalities. We look forward to 2014 Borneo Jazz Festival with a big bang. 😉

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