Borneo Jazz Festival 2015 : Behind The Scene Part 3

Anthony Strong of United Kingdom

Press Conference with Day 2 Performers
As usual, we, the media group will start the day with press conference with the performers. It is here where the media group can obtain information about their performances and also their future plan in the jazz music industry. Anthony Strong had to cancel 2 of his few jazz concerts, just to come back and perform at Borneo Jazz Festival upon approach by Sarawak Tourism Board in conjunction of the festival 10th anniversary. To me, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Pic credits to Ms. Selfie@Angelina

With the availability of social media platform nowadays, I utilize it to my abilities. While the Q&A going on in front, I’ll be busy updating Twitter and Instagram at the back on what is being discussed. The downside of doing this is that you must be near to a power socket as your gadgets need some ‘energy’.

Pic credits to Ms. Selfie@Angelina

After the press conference ends, the media group would indulge themselves with brunch. The media group are really being pampered by Sarawak Tourism Board; light refreshment with coffee and tea are provided at the media room. It is also here at the media room, where we would get our wristband for the concerts, updates on the program, downloading photos taken by official photographers or even conduct individual interview with the performers if requires.

Sarawak Tourism Board New Media Team
This year, the media group are being handled by a new team due to its recent re-structuring. Albeit the last notice of extending the invitation to cover the event under ‘Sarawak Bloggers’ , I can see that the new team really work hard to ensure the media group are comfortable with their warm hospitality (they are super accommodating people). Media tags were properly arrange and labelled accordingly (I love it coz I love being organised); I saw less volunteer involvement this time round because the media team get to do all the work. For the first time, local media are given dinner and supper coupon too. I liked coz I don’t go empty tummy throughout the two days event.

The Media Kit
Waterproof wrist band

Kudos to Barbara, Kevin, Nasri (not in the pic) and Dansley. Thank you very much. Great job, guys! Keep it up for the upcoming Rainforest World Music Festival. 😉

Sarawak Bloggers with Barbara, Kevin & Dansley at the media room

The Schleppers
Behind every performance on the stage, we’ll get to see musical instruments are properly placed on stage. When the stage lights is off, the audience will not get to know what’s going on in the dark but when the stage lights is turn on, the audience will get to see new stage settings instead. Little did we know that there are dedicated people assigned to do that and they are known as ‘The Schleppers’.  They don’t just do ‘magic’ on stage but also taking care of the respective performer group musical equipment and carried along the equipment during any sound check session.

Introducing ‘Chewbacca’. He’s ‘taken’ btw, look at the ring. :p

Mohd Iqbal (or fondly known as ‘Iqbal’ or ‘Chewbacca’ coz he sounds exactly like it by the Sarawak Bloggers team) from Brunei has been ‘The Schleppers’ for Borneo Jazz Festival for a decade now. He started to get involved in year 2006 when he was still a student at Curtin University. With his level of dedication and commitment, Sarawak Tourism Board appointed him as ‘Head of Schlepper’ and gave him the right to pick his own schlepper team for Borneo Jazz Festival. To me, that is such a big honour and achievement.

Kudos to the Schleppers team. Borneo Jazz Festival is not complete without your contribution.

2015 Borneo Jazz Festival Schlepper Team

ps-more updates to come. don’t go away. 😉


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    Nicely done! Behind the scenes looks like quite something! Great job as usual!
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