Borneo Jazz Press Conference

Why happen to Miri International Jazz Festival? Why Borneo Jazz?
I bet these questions popped out in the head or perhaps became a topic or even an arguement during coffee talk.

This afternoon, those queries or curiosity to some was answered during a press conference organized by Sarawak Tourism Board. Present were Dato’ Rashid Khan, CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board, Angelina Patricia Bateman, Director of Corporate Communication, Pauline Lim, Project Manager and we (the media) were greeted by friendly Sarawak Tourism Board team.Borneo Jazz is the re-branding of Miri International Jazz Festival inline of its re-image and re-position to be at the same par as other world level music festival. It is Sarawak Tourism Board biggest dream to see Borneo Jazz becoming an iconic major event such as The Rainforest Music Festival in 3 to 4 years time. (so, be proud Mirian)

In the past, Borneo Jazz was a 2 days event and this year, it is a 4 days event. The jazz event will commence tomorrow, starting with the Opening Concert at Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant as per briefed by Pauline Lim, Project Manager.

In year 2010, total crowd attended the event was more than 5,000 and this year, Borneo Jazz is expected a crowd of 10,500 or even more. Tickets are still available for sale and public can purchase it at ParkCity Everly Hotel’s lobby effective tomorrow. We were also been told that the event itself managed to generate a revenue of RM7 million last year and this year, RM10 million of revenue is expected. Wwoooo big money peeps! ;p

After the simple press conference end, we were brought to the festival site  tour to witness on the preparation headed by Dato’ Rashid Khan. We took the opportunity to take group photo before adjourned for light refreshment.

During the press conference, Dato’ Rashid Khan stressed out that apart from promoting and making the event a success, Sarawak Tourism Board is also looking into creating public awareness on green environment. Sarawak Tourism Board is currently working closely with Natural Resources Environment Board (NREB) in pursuing going green campaign.

So, get ready to be surprise/amaze coz you’ll get/see the usage of sustainable product from the food vendors during Borneo Jazz. 😉

In line of pursuing ‘Go Green’, a tree planting ceremony will be held at Curtin University, Sarawak Campus tomorrow at 9am so I’ll see you there.

For the record, performer Maria Muldaur of USA, SIU2 of China and Victor Yong are arriving Miri tonight and the rest will be reaching here tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet up with all of them tomorrow and I hope to see you there too during the Opening Concert. 🙂


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