BR1M 2.0

As per announced by the government, today, the BR1M (Borang Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) is made available to the public. Those who wish to apply, you may download the form here.

This would be my 2nd time applying and I get pretty excited upon seeing LHDN’s website where it provide a feature for the public to submit their application online. No more hassle on enduring the long queue upon form submission (not to mention have to bear the strong armpit smells too), no need to park the car illegally due to insufficient car park space and no more facing fierce looking RELA/policemen.


However, I was wrong soon after I clicked the ‘Permohonon BR1M 2.0 button, a pop up window appears and stated ‘Permohonan telah wujud’ (apakah). Back in the head, I was questioning myself on what did went wrong. It suppose to work smoothly but it doesn’t.

Good thing is I knew people from LHDN so I gave them a quick check pertaining to the matter.

*drum rolls*

To my surprise, I was told that for those who have applied/received BR1M earlier, they do not need to submit their application anymore. They are only required to update their details should there’s any changes such as contact details, bank account details, residential address, including your Parlimen & ADUN area (you can hide but you can’t run, kuang3) and so forth. In other word albeit updating the applicant details, you’ll receive your share automatically.

*smile with RM sign sparkles on my front teeth with background sound of cash register machine opens*

Kudos to LHDN for the services provided by making the process much more convenience to the public (I bet they learnt the lesson from BR1M 1.0). Although this option (by submitting online) may favor the urban or nearby urban areas, it does minimize the hassles involved. 🙂

So, have you submit your application yet?

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