BR1M Voucher Collection & Reimbursement

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Told ya, I’ll write my BR1M journey so here it is the last part of it. Before proceeding reading the entire post, you’ve got to read ‘BR1M Application Status’ and ‘BR1M Voucher Notification’.

Now moving on…

…I went to Civic Centre the following day after receiving the notification. As it was the first day of voucher distribution, it was long queue ahead of me. Thinking to myself that it will be a long day so the mind start to process for a solution to shorten my waiting period. I started to scan the surroundings; saw name list placed nicely on the wall for the public to refer, notice to public on date and time of the organizer operation hours, several counters with barricade fences placed in the centre of the foyer for the public to collect their voucher in alphabetical order. I have to say the organizer has done a good job. The chaos made in the papers seems to be untrue and I think it is the public who made the big fuzz out of it but then again I am experiencing the 3rd batch of voucher distribution so perhaps many areas has been improved base on the 1st batch incident. You think?!

After literally done scanning the surroundings, I make my first move by approaching the SUPP information counter. I was asked for my numbering list based on the printed name list that was placed on the wall earlier and they gave me a letter. It was a congratulatory letter from the Ministry of Finance (abis lah pokok kena tebang just to print those letters only, kan?) but I was curious as I read on. My first understanding upon seeing that particular part was ‘Shitt!! The whole thing has been ‘politicalized’. Farker lah these jokers’. One cunning way of the authority to get your details for future agenda, don’t you think?! (btw, sik penah ku buang undi kat N65 oii, suka ati mak bapak sidak jak) Anyway, I didn’t manage to collect the voucher on that day as I was in hurry to settle some errands. I came back the next day.

As the voucher collection counter was labeled in alphabetical order, I squeeze my way through the thick and long queue accordingly to my name. Some of the public brought along the whole family (kenak sik mbak sekampung sekali, kan?) hence the venue was totally packed with big crowd (kalah crowd konsert fun fair eh). The process was simple and fast; produce the congratulatory letter and identity card, the officer go through the name list, checked, initial and pass you the BR1M RM500 voucher. I got mine within 5 minutes. 🙂

Once obtaining the voucher, the public can opt to reimburse it into cash at the appointed commercial banks (CIMB, Maybank, BSN) or from the provided counter which located at the top floor of Civic Centre. For this, kudos to the organizer for making it a one stop centre for public. It does help a lot. I went to the top floor to reimburse the voucher and once there, I was shocked to see the queue. Lucky, the venue is air-conditioned and while waiting, I read so the waiting period wasn’t a painful experience for me.

To reimburse the voucher, one needs to produce it to a officer in charge; apparently the voucher had hidden hologram all over it as I saw them using some sort of negative tag (kedak rupa cermin mata 3D nya koh) by placing it at certain part of the voucher. I bet that was a process to ensure authentic genuine voucher (kamek kagum sebab sakai).  Once the process is done, one need to initial their name on the name list (sebagai bukti kot), the voucher will be stamped (mengelakkan double claim kot) and you’ll be forwarded to the next counter. At the next counter, you hand over the stamped voucher to the officer in charge and they’ll hand over the RM500 cash (senyum2 jak sidak ctok cam muka mintak komisen jak tangga ku).

I have to say the reimbursing stage wasn’t long at all; it’s bearable but not the long queue.

What did I spend on?
It’s for me to keep (berapa jak ya) but it does help in many areas. A big thank you to tax payers (ko ingat ya duit perintah tek?). As much as I am grateful for the provided aids, I am also concern on the consequences. Will this be a trademark to gain the public trust in the government in the long run? (RM500 jak harga undi aku padu hal) Will there be any left for the country development if this kind of trend persists? (kebulur la kita mun camya) Will the country produce a materialistic nation in the future? (dah ckit2 suak dengan duit). The list goes on but whatever it is what matter the most is what you believe in. I believe in my rights under the constitution, I believe in freedom of speech and I believe in God (kau tek? eh rasa cam menyimpang sikit ku, ada anggol ckit palak ku tok).

So there you go the BR1M journey and thoughts of mine.
What’s yours?


  1. Stephen

    2 March, 2012 at 7:12 am

    Yay!…..RM500 richer..courtesy of the gover……errrr….tax-payers. BUT ..but…don’t be too happy just yet. Nothing comes free in this world. They give you 500 now…….who knows how much they have taken from YOU and ME. How many kosong more is added to the 500 given out? Just wondering………

    1. LadyBird Eileen®

      2 March, 2012 at 7:39 am

      time will tell bro and for now, let’s just sit back and act smart. 😉
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