BRIM 2.0 – The Collection Process & P.O.V

IMG01013-20130218-1053_1361156056415_sI wrote about my application here and yesterday I’ve gotten my share. For the record, my share of payout was released in Batch 2.

To find out whether your BRIM application is successful, you can check the status here. For the record, I’ve checked mine at the link provided. 🙂

Kindly be reminded that the online application status only show result for those who are under these constitutions -Kuching, Stampin, Serian, Sarikei, Lanang, Sibu and Miri. If you are not from the mentioned areas, it is best to deal directly at your nearest respective District Offices.

I thought life would be easier for 2nd timer when eBRIM application was made available to public.  Reason being is you were asked to provide your bank account details which lead to the assumption that it will be credited to your bank account. Apparently, I was wrong and I get to go through the drama here, here and here again this year. On a serious note, felt cheated for updating my details via eBRIM. Tipah, tertipu bang! *sigh* 🙁


Went to civic centre to collect my ‘Surat Kelulusan’. Prior to that, one needs to produce their ICs to the staff on duty (here the crowd are assisted by SUPP volunteers, wondering what happen to the other BN component parties such as PBB, SPDP,etc) at the counter. Upon received the ‘Surat Kelulusan’, you’ll need to join the long queue at another counter to collect the BRIM voucher. Here, make sure you are queuing at the right lane as respective lanes are based on alphabetical order. Representative from the District Office will hand over the BRIM voucher and get your thumb print. To reimburse the voucher, one need to go to the 2nd floor of civic centre and appointed bank representatives will be waiting to serve you.

This time, I choose not to reimburse the voucher on the spot as I parked my car quite a distance from civic centre. Last year, I managed to get a parking spot within the civic centre vicinity. So, I decided to reimburse my share at one of the panel bank and with the help of ‘backdoor’ assistance; I managed to cut the long queue at the bank. :p

However, here’s an interesting findings. As per told, during the reimbursement with the bank, at the civic centre, the bank didn’t return the ‘Surat Kelulusan’ where it consist of the BRIM recipient’s IC number, address and contact number to the BRIM recipients’. What’s the motive here?!

Well, it doesn’t stop there. Here’s another interesting incident. In BRIM 2.0, single individuals (those who meet the criteria) are also entitled where an amount of RM250 is given out. As per told, a single friend went to collect on behalf of his sister however this friend was informed that to do so, few documents are required of which he doesn’t have in hand. In short, this friend can’t collect the RM250 voucher but later was asked whether this friend did apply for it and NO answer was given. Guess what? This friend then was given the RM250 voucher on the spot. *seal clap*


I noticed an obvious improvement on BRIM reimbursement by the panel banks. Last year, as per told, there is a quota on BRIM reimbursement on daily basis at their premises. This time, the panel banks don’t impose such quota anymore. For the record, as per told, the panel banks for BRIM reimbursement in Miri are Maybank, CIMB and Public Bank (correct me if Im wrong here). Personally, keep it up guys! You might get more business next year in relation to the recent statement made by DPM that should the BN government is given the mandate to rule the nation once more, RM1,000 will be given out in BRIM3.0. *orang utan clap*

Another issue which I think can be totally resolved is RELA personnel roles on controlling the crowd traffic. At the counter where the public collect their ‘Surat Kelulusan’, there are two lanes allocated where the 1st lane is designated for ‘Semakan BRIM’ and the 2nd lane was for ‘Surat Kelulusan’. Imho, the public should be guided to que at the 1st lane (Semakan BRIM) then refer them to the 2nd lane to collect their letter hence smooth way out from the crowd to the voucher collection counter located adjacent to it. It’s a simple flow of traffic. There were no signage to direct senior citizen to collect their voucher even, poor old folks. However, I saw RELA personnel were based behind the counter instead hence crowded crowd in front of the counter, it made me pondering ‘what the hell are they doing there then?’. Some uncivilized people among the crowd even had heated arguments’ due to some cutting que, as if they will not get their share by the end of the day or they will get more than others if they’re in front of the line. I have to admit that it was kinda fun having observing all these. :p


I somehow had mixed feelings on BRIM.

When it was first announced, I felt grateful (the very bara bara biri biri grateful). With the increasing life style nowadays, such amount does help a lot (especially to those low income). However, the gratitude slowly faded when it was been politic-calized’.  It disgusted me even worst when the public was asked to write down their names along with their ICs numbers and signatures on pieces of sheets with the headings ‘KAMI SOKONG DATUK X’ (isn’t it obvious?) during the collection of their ‘Surat Kelulusan’. Wtf?!!!

And as it for me, ‘orang memberi, kita merasa, bukan nak perli tapi sekadar meluah rasa’. Whatever it is, this is the reality happening right behind my backyard and for as long as I played it safe, I think I’ll be fine. Indeed, it’s a sad thing but life has to move on, right?

ps- By the way, I did not put down my name in that piece of shit sheet! Will I be richer RM500,000,000 by doing so? You tell me.

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