Bungai Beach Outing

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It was spur of the moment kind of thing during a casual chat conversation with my bunch of crazy friends. As the national day was just around the corner so we decided to plan for a picnic plan cum beach outing at Bungai Beach.

Come the day, we met at a petrol station. While waiting for the rest to arrive at our meeting point, I can’t help it for not taking a shot of this pink flower. Once everybody have arrived, we convoy all the way to the destination.

the Frangapini plant

Bungai Beach is located at Bungai Village – fisherman village with majority population of the Kedayan tribe. As the beach has becoming more popular among the local, the government took the initiative to upgrade the facilities for the public conveniences. A fairly decent homestay named as ‘Bungai Lodge’ can be found at the side of the beach with a public toilet located next to it. The public toilet imposed entrance fee charges: RM0.50 for doing your business and RM1 for shower.

just love seeing the blue sky
the recreational facilities provided. behind it, there’s a local market and children playground
the beach view that you’ll get to see upon reaching the beach

Depending on your driving speed, from the city to Bungai Beach, the journey will take approximately between 35 minutes to an hour. We, the locals, usually took the coastal highway route to the destination.

despite the name ‘coastal highway’ which is part of the Pan Borneo Highway, it is a one way highway
the signage by the main highway

Prior reaching the beach, you’ll go through one way road in the village. Driving carefully is highly advised here.

one way road accessing the village and to the beach
there’s a telecommunication tower in the village so you still can get yourself ‘connected’ to the world

Assuming that you’re not a local, to go here, you can opt for taxi, Uber or Grab services. For the record, there’s no public bus services provided to the destination.

The beach is relatively secluded making it a great choice of spot to get away from the hectic schedules of the city. Bungai Beach has a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach and it has few rocky parts too. This rocky parts can be seen during a low tide. Too bad, on that day, it was high tide.

With great company of friends, abundance of food and bunch of crazy jokes, I think the public holiday was well spent. I had fun! Was bitten by sand flies but I’m fine with that as I’ve got my vitamin sea fixed.

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