Complimentary One Night Stay

EastWood Valley Golf & Country Club,
Lot 1379, Block 17, KBLD,
98000, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: 085 421 010
Fax: 085 430 515

Feli asked my favor to do a room booking in one of its room at EastWood Valley Golf & Country Club as the gift voucher given by her father was about to expired. I’ve made the necessary arrangement and both of us checked in during one of the weekend.

the complimentary gift voucher

the hotel respective type of room rates - price is subject to change without prior notice

During the check in registration, I noticed we were treated very well. I was really impressed by the customer services provided by one of the staff who served us. We were even provided with a map location to find our room. Cool. 😉

the standard map location to its room

However, I was irritated by one of the staff at the registration counter by the name of “M*****”. I find her as rude and bias front desk staff. Rude simply because a piece of paper dropped on the floor due to the wind and said “Shit!!” loudly as she collected it in front of the guest (a couple) who were  standing behind the counter. After she was done with her room guest registration, she didn’t even provide them the map location instead explaining and directing them the way to their hotel room. But when a golfer (a Bruneian I think based on his ascent talking to her) approached her after the couple left, her attitude was totally changed. From sour black face, she turned into a friendly and smiley person all the way. Such a cheebuy hypocrite person, I must say!

I witness that whole drama for approximately 10 minutes throughout my checked in registration. Lucky that didn’t happened to me coz if it was, I’ll definitely barged into the Duty Manager’s room immediately. I kid you not.

It didn’t took us long look to locate our room and both of us were impressed. We thought we would checked in into a typical hotel room. We were smiling to our ears upon seeing our ‘room’. We found out that our complimentary room was known as the Deluxe Suite. Instead of expecting a room, it was a house of its own. Sweeeett!! 😉

eastwood valley golf & country club deluxe suite

Upon entering the room, we were kind of lost for a second as we couldn’t find the card slot at the door. Later, we found out that to enter, one just to need to touch the card on it’s door scanner near its door knob. We were laughing at each other as it was our first encounter with such technology. ;p

the 'touch and go' area and the door knob is right above it

As soon as we entered the room, our jaw were wide opened. I kid you not! I liked everything that are installed and provided in the room as it gave a very cosy environment. It’s practically a room complete with a mini fridge, a flat screen plasma tv, small living area with a glass coffee table and a leather wooden chair next to a sliding glass wall that was facing the room patio. Not to mention the beautiful black and white floral wallpaper on its bed head wall.

the room card slot and other switches that control the room lightings and air-cond

the flat screen plasma tv and coffee making table right in front

the black & white floral pattern wallpaper and the small living area where feli is camwhoring

I liked the bathroom area too. It has wet and dry area. Very spacious. Along the way to the bathroom, it has a built-in closet. The room managed to give a very homey kind of feeling throughout my one stay here. I just loved it. My kind of dream room, actually. 🙂

the bathtub and the toilet bowl. the dressing area is just next to the toilet bowl.

Although it may look like a perfect stay for me, I still find there are some areas that I’m not quite happy with. The sliding glass wall next to the living area shouldn’t be locked permanently. It is quite not convenient for room guest to leave the main door slightly opened to take their luggages from outside to inside the room. Plus, one had to use a chair to stop the main door from close permanently. The main door doesn’t has the typical door stopper.

However, should the main door left opened for quite period of time (I believe it has a timer), one get to hear alarm sound with a very soft tone. Pleasant to your ear, I must say. 😉

The hotel management  also should consider of providing free internet services to its room guest. An internet addict lover like me can’t live without getting connected to the world. Lucky, I brought my broadband modem along so yes I managed to go online from the room all day long. 😉

I also noticed that the room that I stayed at, there isn’t any hair dryer provided. I do not know whether the housekeeper forgotten to put one or there was no hair dryer provided at all. To me, the house keeping services should be consistent to avoid any circumstances that would give in-convenient situation to the room guest. Again, lucky I brought my own hair dryer so it save my day. 😉

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Deluxe Suite and hopefully in the future, I can stay there again. 😉

ps-To non-Mirian, the mentioned hotel above is located outskirt from the city so room guest has to rent a car or hop on the hotel transport shuttle to commute to the city for shopping, dining or partying.


  1. Leo

    3 January, 2010 at 2:00 am

    In your recent post … I believe there is an error … you typed “It didn’t took us look to locate our room and both of us were impressed.

    I thought it SHOULD be … It didn’t took us long to locate our room and both of us were impressed.”?

    Wink-wink …

    1. ladybirdmollyz

      3 January, 2010 at 8:31 am

      i’ve corrected it already and thank you for the ‘head up’ on this. 😉 i guess as you’re aging, your vision tend to get blur as well and i think its happening to me now. ;p

      thank you for reading my post and hope you enjoyed it. 😉

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