Dark City (1998)

My dearest reader,

I am indeed in a desire strait state and I really appreciate it if you care to lend me (even better if I can own it) a digital copy of Dark City movie. I need to review the movie desperately the soonest possible as I have to present an analysis of it sometime in the fourth week of this month. The success of my presentation will depend so much on how soon I can get to watch the movie hence your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

As such, in return of your kindness, I will hand deliver a set of McDonald Double GCB to you should the movie delivered (by any mode of delivery) to me latest by this Sunday. As for my outstation reader, fret not for you shall have it too. Kindly email me your bank account details and I shall make the necessary arrangement once the requested goods received safely.

Looking forward to hear from you soon till then have a great weekend ahead.

Yours truly,
LadyBird Eileen

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  1. ReverendX

    5 August, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    I would like to say Dark City, is one of those movie that I would like to say a very hard to interpret. This is because Dark City is that film that play with lighting, codes and convention of film that i my self still feel that “Dark City” is out of time and out of place. If you were to analyse this movie it is more than the matrix. this movie combine, lighting effects of thriller, film noir, and action. I would suggest you watch and analyse Blade Runner. Before you explore the complexity of Dark City. This is because Blade Runner Combine Sci-fi Thriller and also Film Noir Style. I have analyse film for it’s codes and convention. But without the understanding of codes and conventions of filmmaking it is very hard for anyone to analyse or review film. This is because they see film as more to representation but not what what we pay attention to. I hope what I’ve said is meaningful. and I hope that you will become a good film student

    1. ladybirdmollyz

      6 August, 2011 at 9:57 am

      thank you for dropping by Reverend X. glad to have your point of view on movie analysis.

      Dark City is chosen simply becoz it is part of the syllabus where we covered different genre on a weekly basis. Dark City fall under horror and sci fiction genre. a review on Dark City is required as its part of the program assessment. im looking forward to learn more in order to be a good media student.

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