Do We Look Alike?

When she was born, I was given the good news via text messages only. Since then, I never get to hold her, kiss her or even to smell her (i liked baby smell, they’re are ‘delicious’). I only get to see her through photos taken by my sister.

However during the recent lunar new year celebration recently, I eventually managed to hold her, kiss her, play with her and smell her ‘dry’. The best part was when she smiled at me the first time she saw me.

what are you looking at? never see a baby posing like this before?

how about this pose aunty? ok or not?

how's my smile?

All of my siblings said she had my lips but I said no to that, instead she look exactly like me when I was at her age.

Don’t believe me?? See this for yourself then…

this is when im 3mths old

Same or not???? ๐Ÿ™‚

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