Dog Hiking Adventure

How many of us like to have dog as a pet?

Honestly, I only liked puppies simply because they are kind of cute little creature and easy to cuddle, hug and kiss (it’s easy to kick them too whenever you lost your temper ehehehe…just kidding). When they grew older and bigger, they don’t look cute anymore yet their ‘grown up’ look scares me. Ironically, I hated dogs and very afraid of it as I still have the trauma of being bitten by a ‘black bitch’ 13 years ago. 🙁

Somehow, my perception toward the canine has changed and I managed to overcome my ‘fear factor’ towards dogs on last Saturday. It all started when I stumbled upon a thread on ‘Hiking with your dog’ event jointly organized by one of’s forum member – Reno911 (also known as Robin) of Real K9 Training and NightWatch (also known as Leo) of M-Guardians. Knowing the fact that both of them are professional in their areas, I decided to participate in the event just for the sake of the hiking adventure experience and should the dog chase after me, I’ll know where to run (for sure hiding behind Reno911 or NightWatch or get a piggy ride from both of them just to avoid from being bitten ahakz). ;p

The meeting point was at M-Guardian command station located opposite the Malaysian construction tycoon Ting Pek Khiing’s house. I’ve met few former members such as BonBon with Rocky (a male Rottweiler) and BenJovi’s wife, Fiona with Bono (an English bulldog), Chris with his female German Shepherd (forgotten the name already ;p), Kenny with his Golden Retriever (which I forgot to ask his dog’s name), Silvanus and Billy all the way from Singapore.

Introducing – Rocky

Upon seeing Bono (who is still a puppy) being very playful in greeting me, honestly I kind of freak out as I was really afraid that he might bite me plus hearing some of the dogs in their kennel ‘yelling’ at me, I was really not feeling comfortable at all so I quickly went inside the command station training compound and watched the M-Guardians trainer giving some commands to their dogs.

Introducing – Bono

I noticed that it was like a routine training session or maybe it was a warming up session for the dogs before the M-Guardians dog handler brings them out for a walk. Seriously, it was really interesting to see the dog response and re-act to the commands by the dog handler. They are so well behave; in other word they are damn obedient!

Soon after the ‘warming up’ session ends, everybody gathered outside the command station and all set for the walk adventure. As I don’t have any dog as a pet (except ‘Patrick’ my soft toy dog hehehe) I was given a german shepherd puppy who is about 4 months old to walk with and I was freaking out. I have to be convinced by one of the M-Guardian dog handler where he teaches me the right way of holding the rope (is that what you called it ehekk) and the right position on your body when you walked your dog. Both of us made a deal where he would take over the dog from me should I couldn’t control the dog. Toward the end, I didn’t manage to walk the puppy all the way as it was ‘too playful’ to handled plus it has only undergoing for 2 weeks of training and still need more room of improvement. ;p

Look is deceiving – though it’s just a puppy, it has the strength of 5 men

The walk route started walking along the roadside with cars passing by. I guess passer-by wondered upon seeing us ‘marching’ along the road side but it was fun, really. Along the way, you get to hear dogs from the housing neighborhood barked at us, not quite sure whether they are trying to tell us that they wanted to join us as well or may be it was just a way of the dog greeting each other. But one thing for sure though, the ‘marching dogs’ didn’t response at all at them hehehe… ;p

By the time we reached a hill (Mirians used to go for their evening walk or jogging here) which located opposite Taman Awam, I noticed Bono the bulldog puppy was really exhausted and one of the dog handler had to carry him. You’ll get to see most all of the dogs are exhausted by now; salivas were dripping like waterfall from their tongues as they walked. 😉

At first, I was expecting to go down the other side of the hill but we were lead into terrains on top of the hill where we can see very cool views of Luak areas. It was amazing, with the wind breezing on the face, it was like walking floating on heaven man, really. (duhh like I’ve been walking on heaven ahakz) ;p

From here, we went into a jungle (well at least that is what it’s called here in a city). It would be much better if we were to explore the Lambir National Park’s jungle and I’m looking forward to it as it gives more adrenalin rush, perhaps get to see some leeches on my thigh. 😉

For a nature lover, one would appreciate to see the flora and fauna, the sounds of birds singing on the air, the sounds of the insects on the ground, seeing groups of mosquito flying behind your hiking partner and on the dogs, the muddy smells from the ground, I can even smell the grass from nearby bushes. I even catch a glimpse of few squirrels jumping from one branch to one branches. Everything are beyond description and I can’t find any better word for it unless you get to experience it yourself. 🙂

I didn’t know I have nice ass, damnnn… ;p

I’ve encountered un-expected incident when we were crossing a small pond in the jungle. There was this small wood placed in the middle of the pond for our easy crossing to the other side of the pond. With a dog handler and a german shepherd in front of me and a golden retriever who keeps on sniffing behind my butt, it gives me no way to get away from the situation except to wait patiently for my turn to go across. Little that I knew the small wood can’t handle our body weights and it breaks into pieces. I was soaked partially in the pond (only my left leg anyway hehehe) and nearly got my handphones and digicam soaked as well but with my quick action, I managed to get out from sinking further deeper. There goes my Adidas shoe huhuhu..:(

Lucky I didn’t get wet from waist down or else might as well I just pee on my pant wakakakakaka… Who would figure it out, anyway? ;p

Anyway, it was an experience to experience and I definitely looking forward to participate in such activity in the near future. Most of us get dirty, wet, tired, exhausted and same goes with the dogs by the end of our walk and I believe all of us enjoyed it as I did. As for the dog owner, I bet what matter the most is not only they get to bond with their dog but also building social network among the other dogs and exchanging tips and information on their pets.

What ever it is, this experience has totally changed my perception to instead of hating and being afraid to dog, I begin to like them now. I can’t imagine myself patting a Rottweiler, a Bulldog, a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever until its fur was all over my pant and my shirt. 🙂

I think Rocky likes me ;p

And it is quite amazing to find out some facts about dog such as;
Do you know that there is a layer of oil on its body that provides natural protection and it helps to moisturize their body?

Do you know that you still have to get your dog to exercise (by walking them) though you have a big compound at your house for them?

Do you know that dog would usually lay down flat (like a flying squirrel spreading their legs and wings when they fly) on the ground or floor to cool themselves?

Do you know that by giving raw beef meat to a puppy would gives shinny fur? (tip given by BonBon as I can’t stop complimenting and admiring his shinny Rottweiler fur)

Do you know that after going for a walk with your dog, you cannot allow your dog to drink immediately?

Well, the list can goes on and on and to find out more on the answers to those questions, do make yourself available and participate in the next hiking adventure jointly organized by Real K9 Training and M-Guardians.

It is not just a hiking adventure but it’s an educational trip too.


  1. Nightwing

    11 March, 2008 at 1:38 am

    Good show.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I like golden retrivers…they r smart and caring dogs.

    I plan to have one in future.

  2. melbie

    11 March, 2008 at 4:34 am

    Whoa, LadyBird. Such a long post.. hehe .. maybe next time you can divide the post into 2 for a poor soul like me who like to browse thru’ quickly while at work.. LOL..

    I like puppies, but I don’t keep pets 😉 It requires a lot of time and commitment to take care of a pet.. time- something that I seem to have less and less nowadays .. hehe

  3. Mystery LadyBird

    11 March, 2008 at 5:36 am

    do gimme a buzz whn u hv d golden retriver ya.. 🙂

  4. Mystery LadyBird

    11 March, 2008 at 5:36 am

    do gimme a buzz whn u hv d golden retriver ya.. 🙂

  5. Mystery LadyBird

    11 March, 2008 at 5:38 am

    bcoz of d post length, i put up some pics to compensate it hehe.. 🙂

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