During lunch, with the girlfriends, we had this conversation on the term of entrepreneur. We were arguing on what kind of person/people/group deserve to be known as an entrepreneur.

We felt that anyone who started their business empire successfully from scratch (refer to planning, innovation and self-funded capital or bank loan) deserved to be known as an entrepreneur. As compare to the celebrities who own their own brands (i.e: clothing line, perfumes, cosmetic, etc), they don’t seem to be fit to be known as entrepreneur. This is due to their popularity whereby it is either they are being approached by collaborating with an organisation to market a product or vice versa and they have no capital issues.

But then again, it was a spontenous open ended conversation.

The word entrepreneur probably gives different interpretation to respective individual. So, what’s your definition of entrepreneur?


  1. Old Cupid

    14 December, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Hi, My Beautiful Ladybird!
    Sorry for not keeping in touch… I’ve been in deep hibernation for the past few months heading home to Mars (Yunno–that famous book–Men are from Mars, women are from Venus)!!!
    I see you’re keeping fine … still remember our wonderful bloggers’ meeting at the restaurant in Miri?!
    So you gals have such exciting conversation topics as “entrepreneur definiton”…. All of you are really brainy!
    Hey, you’ve migrated but you’ve not brought me along! Anyway, it’s so nice to see my blog kept in your old “home”! You can see I still faithfully host yours in my blog!

    With luv from New Zealand!


    1. ladybirdmollyz

      14 December, 2010 at 3:22 pm

      hello my dear Cupid *give a big hug* 🙂

      thought you have totally forgotten about me here since you were busy searching for the Lord of The Ring’s ring at the Kiwi island. you’ll always be remembered and i’ve not forgotten even a bit of the blogger meeting. you were a painter back then and now you’re a treasure hunter. 😉

      yeah we used to have this open ended topics most of the time. some even came up with ridiculous ideas. i bet you would do the same thing too.

      who said i didn’t bring you along to my new ‘crib’? you just did, isn’t it? i left a note behind so one can never be lost to find me and its proven that you’ve found me here. welcome back. 🙂

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