Finally Good Thing Happen

I had butterflies on my tummy now.


Because despite letting the obstacles blocking my way to achieve something big in my career path, I tried all means to make things better. Because I know all the efforts would benefit me in the end. No pain, no gain.
And today, I was given the good news that I’ve been waiting for.

I am officially given the leave exemption for any field works related to my research project whenever it is requires. In other word, I do not need to submit any formal leave application for that purpose.

Remember I did blog about it before?

On top of that, I am entitled to subsistence allowance throughout the research project too.

To formalize everything, an official agreement contract has been extended to me for signature today.

It is indeed very good news to me.
Life is good! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Finally Good Thing Happen

  1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

    thank you cyril. i know its a rare opportunity and that’s why i really fight for it. i guess lady luck is always by your side when you give more and expect less in return. 🙂

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