It started because of curiosity. Heard so much from friends on Friendster till one day, I decided to find out more about it. My discovery tells me that Friendster has no different than the conservative way of pen pal columns just that it’s an electronic version and it’s upload in the cyberspace.

I signed up a profile in Friendster not only for the sake of building a new cycles of cyber friends but also to get myself ‘connected’ with my long lost friends. Those who doesn’t know me well, would have different impressions towards me however, once they get to know me, I’m just like ordinary person who likes to joke (most of the time), cried (whenever feeling down), humble (mom teach me to be nice to everyone), sarcastic (only when ‘bad’ people provoke me), friendly (a spontaneously habit that I got after participating in Kumang Gawai), timid (when I’m out of confident hehehe..) and many more.

Bottom line, I have the same or more or less same personalities as yours. 😉

Live life to the fullest coz we never know what is ahead of us therefore I treasured friendship very much. Sincerity, honesty & trustworthy plays the main factors of maintaining a friendship regardless you get to know someone in the cyberspace or with any stranger that you just met in person. I’ve make new friends in cyberspace, met some of them in person and still keeping in touch with them till now. I too managed to keep in touch with my classmates and schoolmates through Friendster. 😉

Those who are in my friend list are considered as my friends for now and forever.

So, the next time you see my profile in Friendster, think twice of adding me in your list coz I would like to know you more before grant you the approval to be in my friend list. I don’t mean corky here as this is just a part of security reason required in cyberspace. 😉


  1. Sileast20

    30 April, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    Uuh Uuh, add me ….add mee..erm…oh yeah, I forgot…you did….hahahah….

    Friendster had actually kept me in touch with friends that I haven’t seen for so long… friends from my college years which I really miss and my schoolmates too…. At least i know where they are and that they are alright ……Peace

  2. Terry

    2 May, 2007 at 1:44 am

    i only have abt 16 people in my Friendster so far but i’m not complaining because these are the people that i want to keep in tocuh with. I’m not the kinda person who just wants to be popular by being “added” by the whole world. Oh and one more thing to all of you who have a Friendster account-if a person “adds” u into their list of friends, never betray that person.

  3. Anonymous

    2 May, 2007 at 2:28 am

    Friendster,MySpace,Multiply are great sites for making friends and keeping in touch with the old ones that you have. However, if a person were to add you as a friend, never ever betray that person, as the previous person had commented upon.The person has welcomed you into his/her own private world and therefore never betray that trust if he/she decides to share something with you. There is a reason why only “friends” are allowed to view certain posts.

  4. Mystery LadyBird

    2 May, 2007 at 2:34 am

    Agreed wt u on tat Anonymous..well said.. :))

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