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It is critical to lay out any plan properly so that it can be executed accordingly. Even if there’s any ad-hoc changes requires or happen along the way, one still can re-organize or re-strategist the initial plan. The bottom line is, the mission must be accomplished. That is why you need to jot it down so that it served you as a reminder.

Earlier on, I was given a 2011 Management Diary from the Corporate Communication section. I was delighted and honored as it was beyond the expectation. Usually the management diary are distributed among the top management only. This time round, it was distributed to the bosses and to their PAs. I see ‘envy-ness’ at my colleague’s faces.

Having the management diary in hand, I hope to manage well my 2011 plans and goals. I aim to give and do better than this year (even if I have to sulk up the bosses).

Have you got yourself a management diary yet?

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6 thoughts on “Get Organised

  1. melbie

    As much as I rely on my phones, electronic calendars & tasks management, nothing beats the good ol’ management diaries! It is so reliable, just need to instill the habit of checking it first thing in the morning. But I do have my Google calendar too just for backups when I am out of the office šŸ˜›
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