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I just got out from my weekly departmental meeting and I was informed by the boss that the department is going to receive 2 new staff soon. One of them has confirmed to report on duty starting next Monday and the other one is still considering to accept the offer.

Anyway, what interest me the most is the 2 new staff are recruited under a scheme called ‘Graduate Training Program’ sponsored by Bank Negara Malaysia.  My first impression about this was “What?! Did I hear Bank Negara Malaysia?! Since when does Bank Negara Malaysia had such program? I thought Bank Negara only deals with money?”

So, I do a little bit of research. 🙂

I found out the mentioned scheme was a collaboration between Bank Negara Malaysia and MEF (Malaysian Employee Federation). I was impressed and you graduate out there, should feel fortunate and grab this opportunity. Here’s some of the summary of my findings and hopefully it will benefit you. To know more of the details, appreciate it if you can do a little bit of homework too, just like me, OK? ;p

Any eligible graduate who applied for the mentioned program with Bank Negara Malaysia will be attached to the relevant section/field for a year period. An allowance of RM1,500 is paid to the qualified graduate by Bank Negara Malaysia. If the graduates perform well, the current employer might offer a tenured position. 😉

The scheme does not only benefitted the graduate but also the employer as well. The employer does not only save cost in terms of interviewing arrangement but also payroll matters. Reason being is Bank Negara Malaysia will conduct their own interview session with the graduates before ‘feeding’ them into the mouth of hungry respective employer that has signed up for the mentioned program. I guess one of the reason is due to quality control. 🙂

To young graduate or any graduate-to-be out there, if you are keen to find out more about the program requirement, I have the circular on the mentioned program for your reading. Kindly leave me your email address under my comment column or you may also leave your contact details in my Contact Me tab.

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52 thoughts on “Graduate Training Program

      1. gagaukon

        Same programm lah tu. BNM will pay them to work for you.. for 1 year with 1 year extend option.The prog is all about helping unemployed grads to have a temporary job, sementara tunggu for the permenant one. But they only recruit grads with cgpa pointer 2.8 above. Rm1500 ok bah untuk sementara. 🙂

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      hi nurul,
      i have no idea on the intake thingy. i guess you need to liaise directly with bank negara for more details. you may leave your email address at my contact tab so that i can attached the circular memo on the mentioned program above.

      looking forward to hear from you soon. 🙂

  1. rieyna

    hi…i am intrested about the programme..i just want to know what r the requirements and how to register in the programme..just trying my luck.. 😉 can’t wait to hear from u about this.

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      hi there,
      as i mentioned in my post, i have the circular on the mentioned program. if you are keen to know more on what BNM has to offer pertaining to the program, it is strongly advise to liaise with them directly.

      having that said, are you still keen to have the circular that I have for your reference? kindly advise so that i can email you a copy. 🙂

  2. fara


    I just received a call from 1 bank for this programme.Im in dilemma.Its interested u know,but im not sure did i can do this,since its one years programme.Bcoz i have attended this 1 similar prgrm,but i think the cmpny just lepas tangan.
    For the second chance,i’ve to do more review and do some research with this programme.hehe could u help me?

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      i see the program as a platform for graduates to seek for future/potential employment. it is not guarantee within that 1 year program, the graduate will be employed as it depend on any opening availability or if the graduate perform beyond expectation, an opening may be offered. under this program, the graduate will be given an allowance by the bank and not from the organisation that you’re attached with. as such the graduate is required to provide weekly report on their work progress apart from receiving anothe report from the graduate reporting supervisor/section head. what im sharing here is based on Bank Negara recruited batch attached to my company. 🙂

      you mentioned that you’ve encountered similar program before so i think it will be best if you can further enquire the bank that contacted you on this program for further clarification.

      do bear in mind that by committed to the program doesn’t mean you’ll be employed.

  3. mimie

    recently I juz attend the interview with BNM for this prog, i was the selected candidate to attend the prog, but then fell quite not sure to take the offer coz there is an aggreement said if in the middle of the prog i quit, i need to pay compensation to the BNM??? anyone can help 4 me to give good advise n decision?????

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      its a common practise to pay compensation should you decide to withdraw before the contract ends. it happen in private or government sector.

      my advise is just accept BNM offer unless you’re sure you can get a better job than what BNM offers to you.

  4. lily

    dear kaddybirdmollyz…
    actually I’m a JPA scholar and it almost 6 month after i had graduate, is it make me qualify to enter this prog??? is it any bad sequences if i’m get involves in this prog?? what if i got the offer should i’m accept the offer for sure????

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      for the record, only BNM and Sarawak State government (under CBG-Capacity Building for Graduates, only applicable to Sarawakian) offer such mentioned program above. im not sure whether JPA does offer similar program to its sponsored student. as such i think its good if you can extend the queries to JPA for further clarification. 🙂

  5. hafiza

    hi ladybirdmollyz….
    i’m actually in a same boat as lily, but then my prob is quite different, i’m already going the interview with BNM for the program, and i got accepted, so did u know anyone that also scholar student that join this program??? whether MARA or JPA or other scholar??? can i ask your opinion and valuable advise whether to take or rejected the offer???

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      as i mentioned in my reply to Lily, i have no idea whether there are other organisation apart from JPA, MARA,etc other than BNM and Sarawak State government offering this program. i think the only way to find out whether JPA, MARA, etc offer such program is to contact them personally. 🙂

      since you have attended the BNM interview and been offered,i strongly advised you to accept it UNLESS you’re not comfortable with the job offer and you think you can find a better offer (as in job title and pay) than BNM then you may reject it. its your call-take it or leave it.

      to my knowledge too, i found out BNM offer higher allowance to its graduate trainee as compared to what CBG trainee allowance. 🙂

      1. hafiza

        thanx a lots….. so i think even i’m jpa scholar student, nowadays trend which without experience hardly to find a job, then i will accept the offer~ thank once again 4 ur time n advise~

  6. liyana

    dear ladymollyz
    may i know what happen to those two person (gp500) that being recruited in your company ?? did they obtain permanent job in your company??? or they are being fired???

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      they did not offer any job position as there were no opening available. i am still in contact with one of them and now she’s with EON group. im not quite sure to the other one.

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