Hafiz, The Web Saviour

Lately, I messed up with my blog coding and I was in a deep shit. :'(

Of course, I find it as a big deal as I do not have any programming background. With plenty of user friendly blog platforms out there, it has made life easier for people who had zero knowledge in web design like myself to have their own domain. Only to a point where I messed up with the codings, I realised that I still (in despair) need expert assistance.

I tried to sort out the problem by browsing the internet for solution. I did! But it’s like went through hell (like I ever been there) with the codings. I was at the edge of giving up, totally. Until he came to my mind. 😉

I went for help from my virtual friend, Hafiz, a young aspiring web specialist. He is fondly known among his friends and virtually as  ‘Pisyek’. With technology made easily available for users, both of us communicating via GoogleTalk and less than 1 hour, he fixed the problem. To me, this fella is a genius. I strongly recommend him to your aids should you need one. Seriously.

To Hafiz, keep up the good work and thank you for being my web saviour. Best of luck in your studies and also your online business. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Hafiz, The Web Saviour

  1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

    abang nayiiiiii *peluk siyum peluk siyum-siyum kat tangan jer* ;p

    thank you for the self-recommendation, im flattered. if i accept your recommendation, will i be based at Putrajaya with you? i bet over there have more codings to mess with, right?…*mata terkebil-kebil sebab bulu mata palsu terlalu berat* ;p

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