Hole No. 15

Where is the Hole No. 15?
I bet that’s the question lingering around your head.
Usually when hole is mentioned, it is always associated with golf course. Unless, you’re feeling naughty then the hole would mean something else. Yes?

Hole No. 15 is just one of the many holes at Miri Golf Club. The golf course has 18 holes in total.

The speciality of Hole No. 15 is not about it’s hole but the place has laksa to offer. Nice and tasty laksa!! The sambal that comes with it is super duper hot! One of the best laksa I ever tasted in Miri so far.

To reach Hole No. 15, just drive straight all the way to the golf club house. Hole No. 15 is located after passing by the golf club house, you will not miss it.

Perhaps, you might consider this place for your next food hunting. Do take note that the place is open everyday except on Monday (on alternate week due to golf course maintainance purposes).

Have you been here lately? What’s your verdict?

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