How To Make A Fire…

..the Orang Ulu way of making a fire in the wilderness of the tropical rainforest. šŸ™‚

First of all, what I’m going to share with you here is just another way of making a fire. There many ways out there and I hope this method of mine would benefit you under any condition. As we all know, making fire is one of the essentialĀ skills to survive the coldness in the forest and I’m glad to share the steps here.

I believe this method work excellently well if you have matches or lighter along with you and some dry wood in the forest. To make a fire, one have to select a right location where it is protected from wind, enough supply of wood and on a flat ground. Safety comes first people. šŸ˜‰

To make a fire, you need some material to ignitesĀ the fire. The Kenyahs usually uses ‘kelebu’ as tinder to ignite the fire. A ‘kelebu’ is a smallĀ or medium size of dry stick where it isĀ sliced into several layers with a sharp knife which eventually resulting it to look like a flowery stick.

this is how a 'kelebu' looks like

You’ll need to have few sticks of the ‘kelebu’ that are placed on top of some dry sticks. Then, take out your matches or lighter to light up the ‘kelebu’.

start to add on some small dry sticks on top of it

Once the fire has established, you can add larger pieces of wood. šŸ˜‰

tadaaaaaa...there you go!! :)

Alternatively, you can use dried latex from rubber tree as a substitute to the ‘kelebu’. However this only apply if you happen to be in a rubber estate. ;p

Practise make perfect and will come in handy under any circumstances should one of this day, you’ll get yourself venturing into the rainforest.

Good luck. šŸ˜‰

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