I Hurt My Wrist!

During the weekend, apart from working on my study assignments, I like to do housechores. Yesterday, I re-arranged the furnitures in the living room for a better ‘chi’ in the house, sweeping, mopping and disposing some unwanted stuff. I spend the entire morning doing it and felt satisfied upon seeing a new clean look living room.

After awhile, I realised my left wrist hurts when I tried to lift up my mug. I couldn’t recall I sprained it during the cleaning process so I ignored it by working on my study assignments. But as it progress, I find my wrist hurt each time I typed on my lappy. I stopped for awhile, hoping the pain will fade away and put aside my assignments by doing my readings instead. Indeed, the pain did fade away.

This morning, after getting myself ready for work, I feel the pain again on my wrist just by picking up my car keys. I am confident that I didn’t break any bone so I decided to google for information on sprained wrist. It’s quite alarming to know that even a minor wrist sprain can take a long time to heal and sometime what seems to be a wrist sprain may really a fracture. I have faith in God that the pain that I’m enduring now is not something serious.

I decided to opt for home remedy by wrapping my wrist with coban wrap. I am giving it two days period to let it heal naturally and if it still persist, I think that’s when I press the panic button.

Have you ever experienced something similar like mine?


  1. Kay Masingan

    19 September, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    oh rajinnya buat kerja..bagus2..
    so far x pernah terjadi pada saya mcm ko rasa tu..mungkin kesan pindah2 perabot kali tu..terkehel sikit..
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  2. LadyBird Eileen®

    20 September, 2011 at 6:02 am

    hi Kay,
    tu la pasal agak nya terkehel sikit akibat masyuk sangat buat kerja umah. kes ni dah kira bagi pengajaran tuk lebih berhati-hati dikala buat kerja umah lagi satu ianya satu peringatan yang tenaga kudrat tu semakin merosot dikala usia meningkat kan. ;p
    LadyBird Eileen® recently posted..I Hurt My Wrist!My Profile

  3. lasapka

    20 September, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    lasapka click ‘LIKE’ …lolz

  4. LadyBird Eileen®

    21 September, 2011 at 5:48 am

    Lasapka – penipu lah you! FB Like button is just in front of your face pun tidak click. wait till they invent ‘karma’ button, i’ll upload it in my page so that the karma will work its way to you lol..
    LadyBird Eileen® recently posted..I Hurt My Wrist!My Profile

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