I Love You, Tissot!

Last week, I received an email from the HR Dept that goes like …

“In recognition of your long service, we have added another token of appreciation on top of the 10 years service award plaque.

Attached are two timepiece catalogs for your perusal. You are entitled to one watch of your personal preference from either the men or ladies selection.

Kindly email me on any inquiries”.

It hit me and I said to myself, “Oh wow, time really flies. It has been 10 farking donkey years and I still love it here”.

For 3 consecutive years, I’ve been organizing the company annual dinner (not this year coz as this 2013 recipient, I wanna sit back and chill) and the long service award is part of the program itinerary. Being the organizer, I have the advantage to have a peek on what the long service recipient preference on their timepiece. Some are to my likings and some are not.

Told myself that when my time comes, “I aint gonna choose those brand, na’ah no no no no!”

*both hands on the hip, shake the neck like Indian neck moves*

To me, when it comes to a timepiece that symbolizes your recognition and contribution, you don’t only need to have the style, value for the money but also the durability of the item. After all, it marks your donkey years of achievement and it is something to treasure for your entire life (it can be a heirloom item in the future) even if I have to fork out my own cash to top up the price just to own it (it’s gonna be mine after all tettt).

I fall in love with Swiss watch ever since I bought my first watch when I was 14 years old. My first watch was a Swatch watch that cost me RM108 (discounted price) and that took 3 years of my pocket money saving (I was a student back then and still depending on parent for money). It has this round gigantic blue frame with colourful elastic strap (back then, it was a typical teenager preference). I always like something big on my wrist yet it has this elegant and feminine look. A touch of masculinity and feminism, I must say.

As I grew older, I somehow betrayed my first love as I get to put on different brands such as Alain Delon (got it as a prize gift from a beauty pageant), Guess, Bonia and lastly a Casio Sheen (got all of those as birthday gifts, come to think of it, I’m such a lucky bitch!).

Now that I have the opportunity to win my first love again, plus with my preference on watches have evolved along the years, I’ve decided to go for a Tissot brand.

There are 3 Tissot models that catch my eye and I just do not know which one to choose for now.

So, my dear reader, can you at least help me in narrowing down my choice? It mean a lot to me. Thank you in advance. 🙂

Note:  Tissot watches pictures are from this source.


  1. ian

    1 October, 2013 at 10:56 am

    Nice. Aside from one or two I got as a kid, I never received any watches as gifts, ever. The vintage ones I bought for myself nowadays are just for pure collectors’ value though.

    1. LadyBird Eileen®

      1 October, 2013 at 11:38 am

      Hi Ian,

      Been awhile didnt hear from you. Hope everything are doing well at your side. This would be the most expensive watch I ever owned and for that I’ve chose a limited edition. Will be posting it up soon I received it. Thanks for dropping by and hope to see more visits from you in the near future. 🙂

  2. ian

    1 October, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    I actually visit quite regularly, but I think there was one time where there was a problem with your site, and at the same time have been concentrating on other things since then so the visits aren’t as often.

    I’m fine, thanks for asking. Busy with many other things, above all family.

    1. LadyBird Eileen®

      1 October, 2013 at 4:11 pm

      I think it was down for a while due to web host internal problem. Thank you for the come back, dude. 🙂

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