I saw star in your eyes…

…and watching you closely makes my heart beat even faster like a bullet train. I just felt helpless without you. I prayed for peace so that I can cherish every moment that I ever spent with you. Nobody should know the secret we shared…nobody suppose to know even a slight tiny winy about it at all…ever.

It will remain as mystery…forever.

At times, I’m lost without you by my side; I lost my way of direction in life. At times, I’ll hold on to our promises; when you are not there for me. At times, I give up on you; especially when things don’t work out as I want it to be.

As time pass by, I realized you are the pillar of my strength to move on with my life after all.

Oh well… *deep sigh*

…the fact is I’m losing my concentration as I have a due date to meet for my year end appraisal submission. Without the submission of a complete appraisal, I wouldn’t be able to ‘like’ my job anymore; simply because there would be no salary increment and career development. And when I reach at this point at a certain of time, I rather quit and fly kite near the campus lake or I become my own boss.

Honestly, I don’t want to do that for now as I believe I have so much more to achieve in my career and impress my freaking ‘emotional’ and ‘close one eye’ management. ;p

What was in your mind? I had a relationship problem? No way!! No time for that. I’m a career focus person!

Now I got to crack my head and squeeze my brain juice on how to present myself professionally in this freaking mind twisting question set in the bloody appraisal form. I have four more fucking days left to do so arrgghhhh…



  1. Thyrius

    27 November, 2007 at 12:48 am

    Appraisal Q&As :

    Q : How many legs you got?
    A : Six… I’m a ladybird. 🙂

    Q : Gender please?
    A : Hello there!… Don’t you know what “Lady”bird means? …d’oh…

    Q : Oh, Sorry. So, do you have any hand?
    A : Nope. But I have wings!! 😛

    Q : If it’s so, then, how do you write the answers on this appraisal form???!!
    A : With my legs of course! Six legs – EFFICIENCY. Being able to write with my legs, that’s EFFECTIVENESS!

  2. Mystery LadyBird

    27 November, 2007 at 1:57 am

    Bravo Thyrius..i luv d Q&A Appraisal..XOXO :))

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