I was NEARLY robbed!!

Last night (around 6pm), my girl friends and me decided to go to Surabaya Restaurant for our favourite dish – Nasi Lalapan as all of us were craving for it. We enjoyed it very much till the extend all of us ‘sweating’ while eating as it was hot and spicy.

Those of you who like ‘hot’ food; I would recommend you to try this dish.

The best thing about it is we were eating it with our fingers instead of using the spoons. 😉

However, today I received shocking news from my friend.

Read on my conversation with my friend via GoggleTalk.

Mina: deng..

LadyBird: yes?
Mina: marek masa kta balit dr Surabaya, prasan x ada 2 org laki pakei motosika

LadyBird: nt really…pahal
Mina: suspicious la

LadyBird: eh..tell me d story of tat 2 fella

Mina: kta kan mok g keta marek..this 2 guys limpas pakei motosikal..then pandai pusing balit ba g agak blkang keta ko..n 1 of the guy walk 2wards ur car thn cun2 ko dah jln la masa ya..

LadyBird: oooo…ya nw I rmbr..

Mina: mcm org mok merompak

LadyBird: I do notice aftr aku masuk, tat guy cam mok lalu keta aku tpi sik jd kos aku lok keta aku bah…mayb tats y nya lari..OMG..lucky me la…eiiiii san ati ku denga

Mina: ya..n kmk 2 dah stanby la…aku klan after those 2 guys limpas…plat nya QTD 7031..

LadyBird: nasib aku la ya kali..goodness me..lain kali sik mok park kat sia eh..bkn apa aku park sia sbb masa aku sampei sikda tmpt parking bah..
Mina: nya 2 mcm prasan ba yg kmk 2 tauk so ku suruh tini standby camera

LadyBird: nasibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Mina: yalah
Mina: laki ya benar mok agak ko bah..ku nanga dr side mirror marek

LadyBird: goodness me

Mina: aku pun cpat2 lock keta marek..

LadyBird: aku mmg camya mun park keta kt pasar mmg ku lock keta tiap kali msk dlm w/pun tmpt ya ramie org…OMG I cant imagine wat wil happen 2 me if tat guy grab my bag lst nite..

Mina: ya bnar ya..harus itu..mun nya bnar2 agak ko marek biar ku triak

LadyBird: no wonder la ktk duak lmbt reverse keta marek…

Mina: auk..ku mmg mok ko jln dolok thn br ku jln coz ku mok nanga muka 2 laki ya..

LadyBird: aku mmg sik gago pun mok nanga motorbike kt blkg aku ya..Cuma aku prasan 1 of d guy mok lalu keta aku lalu patah balit..sik sangka apa2 pun..pukimak org laki ya…;p

Mina: muka mmg muka pencuri ba..masa ku ngambi tini pun ku ada nanga cda 2 laki ya ba..kayo2 ja
LadyBird: oooo…..sah la tgh cari mangsa ya

Mina: auk bnar ya..masa cda 2 limpas keta yak u slow la n jeling..mungkin cda 2 prasan la ada org tau ba..

Literally translated –
As I walked into my car which was parked not quite far from Surabaya Restaurant, my friends saw two motorcyclists stopped right behind my car as I was entering into my car. Lucky me coz I locked (it’s a habit) my car immediately before starting the car. At this point, I saw a guy walked toward my car with a light blue t-shirt, jean pant and short hair (like army style of haircut) but then he turned back soon after realized my car was locked (thanks to centre lock feature). Without realizing I was in danger (nearly robbed by two guys) at that time, I started my car and drive home safely. Took my shower and enjoyed the tv programs all night long.

Looking back of what has happened, I thank you God for sending guardian angels (my friends) to protect me. I feel so grateful that I am still ‘kicking’ today and still can share my experience with you all today.

I start to imagine worst scenarios that can happen to me last night.

Imagining that I would be drag along the roadside (I had a sling bag ‘attached’ on my body) and my whole body especially my thighs would be badly scratched (I was wearing mini skirt). I would not let my sling bag go simply because I had my ‘red book’ in it and I’m not gonna lose it again (knowing the hassles that I went through before). It wasn’t so much about how much cash I have in it but the ‘red book’ means so much to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to go to Indonesia this Friday hehehe… ;p

I even imagined that my incident will be the hot story in town the next day (perhaps printed on the front page of ‘The Borneo Post’) simply not because of a lady been robbed but the ‘stupid’ lady doesn’t want to let go her sling bag to the robbers and at last she was found half naked on the roadside as she couldn’t bare the pain and the agony that she went through during the ‘dragging period’. Or better still, the whole nation know what happen to me as nowadays the public can read news online or they even blog about it.

OMG…the whole nation knows what going on and I’ll be the ‘laughing stock’ of the day or even for as long as I lived. 🙁

On second thought, nasi lalapan could be my last meal. 🙁

I can go on and on imagining on these worst scenarios that can happen to me but 1 thing I would like to share with you all, please make it as a habit to lock your car as you enter in it regardless you are at a busy area or a quiet area as by doing so, it can save your life from any possibilities of danger.

Yeahhh I am lucky…so damn bloody lucky…lucky because I’m safe and alive. 🙂

To the 2 guys that tried to ‘harm’ me, you can walk away with it this time but you will not the next time. GOD is great and fair therefore HE is the one who will determine when you’ll fall into his ‘trap’.

Despite of what has happened, it has not dampen my spirit to have my favourite dish – Nasi Lalapan at Surabaya Restaurant again as this is the one and only place served the best
Nasi Lalapan ever…:)


  1. Sileast20

    23 May, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    For safety, try not to carry the sling bag or purse at all, why not just carry the cash and probably if you got credit card, carry the credit card if you knew you were intending to walk a distance in the open. And also always remember not to put your sling bag or purse in the passenger seat when you are driving alone…..Put it below you feet or maybe in the glove compartment….. coz there was a case I heard that really happened where the lady’s car window on the passenger side got hit and broke and the snatchers just reach in and grab the bag then got away while the lady herself was still in the car and waiting for a traffic light to turn green,she couldn’t do anything coz she was in the middle of two cars front and back…….. Imagine….

  2. Ian

    23 May, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    Thank goodness you’re okay. Good that you have the locking habit.

    I’m also linking to your story soon in my blog if that’s fine with you.

  3. Luke

    23 May, 2007 at 7:33 pm

    Hallelujah! You’re safe! “Verily, I am with you wherever you go!” Christ says.

    Your story reminds me of a true incident in Miri recently involving my SHELL friend at the Boulevard shopping complex open-air car park. A Kelisa suddenly drove by while she was walking towards her own car and the snatch thief inside the Lelisa grabbed her handbag containing over RM1,000. She held onto her bag and was dragged along between 2 rows of cars for over 30 meters. In the end, not only did she lose all her money; she received extensive cuts and bruises all over her body! Luckily, someone brought her to hospital for treatment.

  4. Mystery LadyBird

    24 May, 2007 at 12:36 am


    Aftr tis incident, I bcome more careful in anythg tat i do..

  5. Mystery LadyBird

    24 May, 2007 at 12:37 am


    U r most welcome 2 do so…let it b a shout-out 2 othrs 2 b more on alert mode…

  6. Mystery LadyBird

    24 May, 2007 at 12:40 am

    Luke…tat sound scary. Tat cud happen 2 me 2 if thy manage 2 grab my bag…:(

  7. Nightwing

    24 May, 2007 at 3:56 am

    Thank God you are ok. And your friend got those buggers plate number (could be fake) but at least got the number…will keep a look out for this bike.

    Sileast is right about the bag thingy..any way glad you are safe and your habits (plus the big guy up there) helped you.

    Damn those buggers, really pisses me off…I know how Ian feels. May lighting stike them till bits and pieces.

  8. Mystery LadyBird

    24 May, 2007 at 7:54 am

    Nightwing…God is GREAT!

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