I won an Apple iPad 2

First and foremost, I would like wish my Chinese readers a ‘Happy Moon Cake Festival’. Don’t forget to light up your lanterns or tanglung this evening. 🙂

Anyway back to the point…

Been really busy toward the weekend (working on assignments, Open Day preparation plus I still haven’t fix my broadband modem hence no post updates during the weekend  ;p ) due to my university annual event ; Curtin Open Day 2011 which was held on last Saturday. This is the event where the public can have a close and personal view of the university.

It was a very memorable day for me.
Wanna know why?
Move on to the next sentence below.

I started the day with a bad headache. After having my breakfast, I popped 2 Panadol Actifast tablets hoping it will relief the pain fast. As I carried out my tasks for the day, the headaches get worst. I started to see shiny tiny stars appearing from every corner, at times I thought it was thousand of fireflies but back in the head says “How come got fireflies during day time?”. As the day progress, the headache became worst; the head felt so heavy till I decided to take 2 more of the Panadol Actifast tablets. Later, I started to feel hungry although it was not noon yet. The other side of me says “Get some food perhaps you’ll feel better” so I bought two booklet of coupons.

Once I got the coupons, the student who sold me the coupons encourage me to fill in my particular as for any coupon purchased, you are entitled for the lucky draw. Never did I expect to win anything so I do as requested, insert it into the lucky draw box and left to get myself some food.

I couldn’t recall when was the exact time but I have a shock of my life upon received a call from unknown number. Although I feel reluctant to answer it at first, my instinct says “Just answer the call, woman. Someone might be looking for you” so I answered it. The call was to inform me that I have just won myself the lucky draw grand prize; an Apple iPad 2.

Before this, I used to dream to have one and now I have one.
I thank you Lord for his blessings and I believe it’s a gift from HIM too. 🙂

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