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As the commencement date of the 2010 Borneo Research Council Conference is approaching soon, I find the committee team working their ass off. Everybody is working hard to ensure their task is going well according to the plan including myself. My last task to do under my ‘To Do List’ is to shop for 7m of tribal motive design cloth. 😉

This weekend will be a very busy weekend for me. Tomorrow is the last day for us to setup the Lecture Theater for the conference opening ceremony. I’ve liaised with the florists for fresh flower arrangements and hopefully it will turn out beautifully as how I want it to be. I even use my own material cultural belonging as part of the venue decoration. Later in the afternoon, I have to be present at the Pavillion, ParkCity Everly Hotel for the cultural performance rehearsal.

If the rehearsal goes well, I can focus on continuing to do final review on my conference paper with my partner but if it doesn’t goes well, another rehearsal might be required on the Sunday morning. In the evening, I have to be there early for the Welcoming Reception setup. I’m sure it will be an exhausted day for me if the rehearsal doesn’t go accordingly to the plan. So, I’m keeping my finger crossed on this hoping that everything will be fine.

Despite all of that, I’m also busy working on 2 conference papers. As a ‘greenhorn’ in any conference, to work on 2 conference paper is quite a remarkable achievement. Thank you to my conference partner for giving me the trust and the opportunity. My partner and I will be presenting our paper on the 2nd day of the conference entitled ‘The Importance of Preserving Memories: A Story of a Long Apu Family’s  Pesaka Bead’ (I’m  the co-author for this paper). The 2nd conference paper will be presented by my partner during Borneo Conference 2010 entitled Displacement, Division and Renewal: Is there hope for the rural communities of Ulu Baram?’ (i’m the R.A for this paper). By then, I’ll be at Kuching for the 2010 Rainforest World Music Festival. 😉

Somehow my excitement involving in research doesn’t just stop there, ‘it’ come to me instead. As I was focusing on working with the conference paper, I was approach and invited to involve in another research project by the Deans. I was offer as a co-investigator in this research project that investigate how traditional roles of women in Sarawak has evolved over time. I had butterflies on my tummy for weeks (even until now).

Yesterday, I’ve submitted my research CV for FRGS application (for funding purposes) and hopefully it will be granted. If it does, I’ll be on top of the world. 🙂

Looking back on what others feedback (received more negative feedback) on my involvement in the conference, in research and in my decision choosing the current course that I enrolled, I think I’ve made the right choice.

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