Kill 2 Birds Wif 1 Stone

Forbidden Lies, a docu-drama film is based on a so called ‘true story book entitled Forbidden Love directed by Anna Broinowski. The author, Norma Khouri shared with the  story of her best friend, Dahlia whom was murdered in an honor killing by her own family. However, as the film progresses, it reveal inconsistencies in her book as well as for some allegations that hundreds of billions worth of money unrelated to Forbidden Love against her. A journalist, Malcolm Knox exposed her as a fraud (after a year the release of her book) where she fabricated the story and sold it untruthfully. She was found to live in Chicago for most of her life, married with two children.

Norma went to Jordan with the filmmakers to prove Dahlia is real. She failed to prove any of her claims and more lies revealed. Upon her return from Jordan, the film focus on the allegations against her, her marriage and she also claimed that she was sexually molested by her father. Norma is aspiring to be a human right lawyer and still insist claiming that she’s telling the truth. The FBI is also still investigating the fraud charges against her.

In the beginning of the film, I feel sad for her. Who wouldn’t if your best childhood friend is being murdered? But somehow that sadness slowly taken away from me and I started to hate her as I get to know about her fraud, allegation of scam and the worst thing is leaving her children with her neighbor without any financial support.

I wonder what happen to her now. Anyone care to share?

Moving on with the screening, I watched ‘Singin’ In The Rain’, a comedy musical movie. It was directed by Gene Kelly and he’s one of the actors. Here, Don (Gene Kelly) is a silent film star who started his career as a singer, dancer and stuntman. Under the studio-Monumental Pictures, he is closely link to his leading lady, Lina (Jean Hagen) for popularity purposes. Don dislike her but Lina find herself convinced that they are a lover. In a party, the studio owner demonstrates a vitaphone talking picture to his guest but they weren’t impressed. However, due to the competition from their competitor, the studio decided to produce a talkie production-The Dueling Cavalier. This is when Don best friend, Cosmo (Donald O’Connor) suggest to dub Lina’s voice with Kathy (Debbie Reynolds) and change The Dueling Cavalier into musical-The Dancing Cavalier. The premier of The Dancing Cavalier was a success.

Lina has grating voice problem although she was coached to talk properly, it was to no avail. When she found out about the dubbing voice, she was angry and threatens the studio owner to cancel Kathy’s build up. So during the premier, the audience requested her to sing live and this is where Don, Cosmo and the studio owner reveal Lina’s fraud by opening the stage curtain showing Kathy singing then replaced by Cosmo. With that exposure, it made Lina flees in embarrassment and Don introduces to the audience the real star behind the film-Kathy.

I just love happy ending. I bet you do too.
I really love the dance scenes especially the scene where Don get to dance under the rain and the ‘Good Mornin’ dance scene. The shoe tapping dance and the Broadway concept gave nostalgic impact and the actors are so talented too. Love it! Love it! Love it! I love it!

*slap herself*

Those were the two movies screened during my class yesterday where we covered on documentary and narrative topics. While enjoying the movies, I have lotsa works to do such as working on a proper movie analysis with some readings. I am yet to finish my first assignment which I thought due today but later I find out that it will due next week instead. Yeahhhh!!!

Anyway, I bet you can’t wait for the weekend, right? Whatever plan you have in mind, may it go accordingly, take care and God bless.

Any fan of ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ out there? .
For the record, another musical movie that I love is ‘The Sound of Music (1959)’.
Do you have any classic movie that you mind to share here?

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