Lobster@Ala-Mak Restaurant

Have you ever been to Ala-Mak Restaurant before?
I’ve been here for couple of times and their speciality dish is Nasi Beriani Gam. I’m not a fan of nasi beriani but when I do craved for one, I would definitely coming back here.

The restaurant even had its own website. So far, I think this is the one and only restaurant that had shisha to offer to its customer in Miri. 🙂

Restoran Ala-Mak
Lot 2360, MCLD Block 4
Piasau, 98000 Miri

Last week, I was invited for an appreciation dinner by the university subsidiary company (CSS) and they threw us a big and luxurious dinner held at Ala-Mak Restaurant. One of the dish that were been served was grilled lobster.

 half size grilled lobster on a plate served with crunchy potato, broccoli and sweet pea

 a close-up look on the grilled lobster

It was nicely prepared and grilled but I think it would be taste much better if cheese is added on it (of course if CSS is willing to pay more in the future). 

The owner, Mala (as what she is fondly known as) even prepared vegetarian pasta which was earlier meant for vegetarian but none of them turned up so my gang and myself ate it all. We all agreed to give 5 star rating for the vegetarian pasta. It was a simple dish yet super duper tasty. Later, she served us with vegetarian curry with coconut rice. Mama miaaaaaa..the dish was also damn delicious. If it’s wasn’t because of calories issues, I would have finish it all by myself. 😉

Anyway, no pictures taken when the foods were served. Who bother to take picture when everyone is busy enjoying the delicious meal? ;p

However, one can only enjoy this dishes on request only. The restaurant does catering as well and perhaps in the future, you can request for western dishes in the menu. I have to say Ala-Mak Restaurant does served good western dishes as well.

Try it to believe it. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Lobster@Ala-Mak Restaurant

  1. ShamusNY

    I would appreciate more visual materials, to make your blog more attractive, but your writing style really compensates it. But there is always place for improvement

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      hello Hatta,
      thanks for dropping by and glad that you found this post.

      thank you also for the FaceBook profile of your restaurant and hope it will benefit my readers to locate your restaurant. 🙂

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